How to Make Dandelion Flower Essence!


(Originally Written June 18, 2008 – Enjoy!)

Now that the weather is warm, I try to get outside as much as possible. Living in Montana USA makes me appreciate the seasons more than ever. Although I was born here (so I have ancestral connection), I was raised in California, and mostly in San Diego!

I have been called by the plants here in my yard to begin making my own line of flower essences. You see, I had always purchased them in the past. I have used flower essences for healing me, my family, and my astrological clients for at least ten years. I “dowse” the right essences most of the time. To explain how flower essences work for our healing, the simplest way is to tell you that nearly all sickness happens in the emotional realm before manifesting physically. The flower kingdom (as well as other kingdoms) provides different re-educational “messages” that go directly to the emotional body of a person, “flood” the vibration of that person with the particular flower(s) that is needed for healing, and the emotional body responds by “matching” the new vibration – however, when this happens, we often get some wake-up calls about what was wrong in the first place. You can tell someone until you are blue in the face what is happening, but until they are in that “space” nothing will happen. This is why flower essences work, and often counseling is just too darned slow! Along with physical treatment if needed, healing occurs and because the emotional plane has been cleared of the imprint that attracted the issue to begin with, it will likely not reoccur.

So, my first essence was Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), since they bloom first. If only we can ALL be as utterly RESILIENT as the Dandelion!! Astrologically, it is ruled by Jupiter (which in medical astrology rules the Liver, and it seems appropriate since one of Dandelion’s best physical qualities is detoxing the Liver). Because of its yellow color, I also knew it would help the solar plexus chakra, which coincides with the Liver area. However, when preparing, I “felt” for no apparent reason that I needed to provide a healthy and strong Saturn influence, so I made the essence on a Saturday (ruled by Saturn) and at first, I wanted to use the Jupiter hour – and interestingly, Jupiter and the Moon were both together in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), making a wonderful aspect with Saturn, in Virgo, the sign of health! However, to wait for the Jupiter hour would have too late in the day, so I decided to instead use the Moon hour since it was with Jupiter anyway!

When the Moon hour came in the afternoon, I was prepared with my Reiki-energized distilled water and instead of using a round glass bowl, I was “directed” to instead use a square one. Odd, I thought – and then I realized the “square” shape is again emphasizing the Saturn influence. Apparently, this essence will have a strong physical signature rather than just an emotional one. In reading about another company who manufactures Dandelion flower essence, there is a mention of helping an over-driven personality type to not only calm down, but to understand, and then release, their constant muscular tension. Perfect! I learned that many massage therapists who work with the essences add Dandelion (amongst others) for their treatments by either adding a few drops to the massage oil, or spraying the room with Dandelion-infused aromatherapy waters.

I dowsed which patch of Dandelions wished to participate in my healing essence making. I was then careful to place the square glass bowl in the sun with no shadows, poured in the prepared water, and sat with the Dandelions. As a modified way of creating a spiritual area via the Elven Path, I called upon the golden light and the silver light that would be as if they were “mists” in my area, and I toned this area in Elvish. I then asked for help from the Valar, the Elven Pantheon, especially Vana the Ever-Young as she has dominion over flowers. I also asked for help from the couple Lorien and Este, since they possess healing qualities, particularly when we sleep – Lorien through dreams and uplifting inspiration, and Este through physical regeneration through sleep. Also, Nienna, she-who-cries is a very powerful healer. Then, I hand-picked all of the Dandelion flowers that wished to participate in the essence making, and asked that the “devas” or plant spirits would enter the water to serve other life in need of their vibrational healing qualities. I then sat with the Dandelions for a time while their flowers were in the bowl of water and just allow myself to bathe in these vibrations. I noticed I was indeed feeling physically better, with more energy. Upon using the rest-room when I came in the house, I then knew my body was listening to the “release” message! Success!

I dowsed that the bowl needed to be outside for two hours for the completion of the essence process, but I left it outside for about three. I brought the bowl into the house, of where I already had a jar waiting that was half filled with Christian Brothers Brandy, which has 40% alcohol, which helps preserve the vibration in the water (and keeps germs out). This brand was recommended by a rather well-known and excellent quality flower essence company (Alaskan Essences) and was what they used until they obtained an exclusive organic brandy for their use.

After pulling out the flower heads with my hands, I then poured the water through an unbleached coffee filter that I energized to allow all of the “essence” to come through and to just block out miscellaneous petals, bugs, and the like. I had some of the Dandelion water left over after I filled the jar with the brandy, so I just decided to drink the water. I could REALLY “taste” the Dandelion – WOW! Never thought of that before!

I then mixed up this “Mother Tincture” of Dandelion, and decided to make a “dosage bottle” for myself to take. I got an empty one-ounce dropper bottle, and I was directed to put 4 “squirts” of the Dandelion mother tincture into it. Then, I filled it a quarter of the way with more brandy, and then filled it up to the top with distilled water I energized (you could also use spring water to make everything).

To take an essence, you usually need 2-3 drops 3-4 times a day. I add mine to my distilled drinking water all at one time and drink it throughout the day (and I usually drink between 1 and 2 quarts of water a day, which I guess would be about 1.5 liters). If a person has alcohol sensitivity, they can apply the essence to their wrists, or place a few drops in an aromatherapy mister and spray externally, which is a wonderful way to experience essences!

I have been taking this essence in my drinking water for about two months now. I have noticed some progress, but I am no where near done – my pendulum tells me I need to take the essence for eight full months to achieve healing! In other words, the “message” of Dandelion for me needs to be repeated to my emotional body’s vibration constantly for eight months until my body’s vibration “matches” the vibration in the Dandelion flower essence. So, I look forward to learning how, and why, I hold body tension in my muscles.

I also recently had somewhat of a “reflexology” for my feet from a friend of mine, and I had her place some Dandelion essence from my dropper bottle on her hands first before doing so. Not only could I feel it, but she could! She is very empathic and thought she should keep some on-hand, so she later brought over one of her own bottles and I mixed her some for her work!

I look forward to making more vibrational healing essences from the Flower Kingdom. I didn’t know I could have so much fun and that it was this easy (and over time, it will be much less expensive, and I can share with others much easier!)

More on Flower Essences HERE – Thanks for reading!

21 thoughts on “How to Make Dandelion Flower Essence!

  1. Brilliant, AarTiana, just brilliant. Yours is a most welcome web log, and one essential to the blogosphere. How do you say, “Thank you for blessing the Earth with your wisdom & beauty!” in Elvish? I think that we’d touched upon this earlier our(s)elves, but it never ceases to amaze me how the unlearnéd amongst us view the dandelion as a blight on their overly chemicalized lawns, whereas, in fact, it is a most magnificent, beneficial food & healing herb. All of the very best Elfin-Faery wishes from high atop Apple Mountain ~ (•8-D}

  2. This is fascinating! Dandelions seem so tied to childhood memories for me, so working with them magically seems natural. These are some wonderful ideas! Thanks so much for your Elvin wisdom!

  3. Wow Lisa! How thorough! I love the way you follow the planetary positions! Go Dandelion!

    I love Western Montana, I hope to visit it someday. It keeps calling to me. 🙂


    1. Cool Wendy – I love your blog where you explain flower essences too (Trillium really got to me as I think the whole world needs that right now hehe)! And you let me know ANY time you are here in Montana – in fact, check out – I will try to go this year! I went in 2008 and there was about 200 people, it was amazing! AND – happy to put you on the blogroll too 🙂

      Lisa / AarTiana

  4. Lisa,

    You are a godsend. You are so prolific in your writing. I wish I had the patience to read it all. I could learn so much from you. As my path on the earth this time around is to take the intangible and make it tangible. ((Gem/Cancer cusp to Sag/Cap cusp – “Magic to Prophecy” ))

    Right now, I am focusing on my energy healing practice and seeing the tangible results in my clients lives and how they relate to their loved ones empathically. I am specializing in teaching others Empathic Boundaries through my consulting practice and my meetup groups here in PDX.

    Love ya !!

    ~Staysee Yod

    1. Staysee, you are awesome! I know that often I do have lots to read, and I am considering implementing a podcast, so people can LISTEN instead of read my adventures! Stay tuned for that!

  5. I stumbled on your blog and really enjoyed your article about creating the Dandelion essence. I am a flower essence producer in Canada (just north of Toronto) and appreciate the alchemy of creating essences in a way that is true to our own inner guidance, our strengths and talents, and our deep respectful listening to the plants. Your article is a good example of this kind of process, so important as an alternative to the scientific objective process. As essence producers, we are highly subjective! And I think this is a good thing.

    All the best to you in your endeavors.

    Andrea Mathieson, Raven Essences

  6. Hey Lisa!

    I really enjoyed your post on flower essences. I have been working with them for quite a few years now myself and I have a very deep affinity for them.
    The way you’ve written about them makes me feel your feelings for them too! I love how you’ve described each little step with little enchanting details that make the post so very special for me. I have never consciously thought that the shape of the bowl would be an important component… but now that I think about it, I have been guided to make unique selections which must have contributed in their own way. Thank you so much for sharing!

    ❤ and light!
    Über Alchemy.

  7. Hello to you UberAlchemy!! I added your Facebook page, and will also add it to my blog’s page – it looks so interesting!

    Yes, I am glad others can understand that those “weird feelings” are NOT to be doubted or discounted. There is a reason for being prompted to do things differently than you would have, and the reason shows itself clear as day LATER, or after the opportunity to choose the same path (or a different one) is well-passed. Since I became an astrologer first, I had learned (sometimes the hard way) to listen, and implement, these illogical feelings that end up feeling right. And, I am more than happy to apply it to creation of essences!

    I haven’t had time to check your blog yet, but have you ever made flower essences before? I highly recommend it – it is such a healing experience!!

    For a further list, please see my Flower Essence page:

    Thanks so much!!


  8. Excellent article, Aartiana. I haven’t ever used Dandelion essence, but now that I get its relationship to the solar plexus, I’ll keep it in mind. We can all use some solar plexus support in this demanding world of ours.

    Donna Cunningham, Vibration Magazine

  9. I couldn’t agree more Donna! The solar plexus tends to be the first place we hold and feel fear, and it can be a trick learning how to be in the cosmic flow and allowing spirit to flow through you while at the same time expressing our true personal power (and doing both of these in balance). Our physical bodies can sometimes be the “gauge” that something is not right – and resilient Dandelion is all around to help. I cannot help but notice the more that humans try to do away with this amazing plant (along with food and medicine), the more they keep coming back – in a fury of yellow sunshine – to gently and constantly remind us of our great need! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I am honored!

  10. Thanks Gina! I am glad you signed up, and you probably noticed I am signed up for yours too, and I have you in the “Homeopathy” portion of my blogroll!

    1. Thank you Raine! I hope you also enjoy the Venus Retrograde in Gemini post, my goal when posting was to HELP people, not to be at the mercy of the planet(s) hehe! I will also check out your blog too!

      1. ah, I am currently only blogging in Swedish, I am afraid. I am planning to write more on topics concerning my belief, though currently only in Swedish, since there are so very few blogs on such topics when it comes to my native language. I am however considering to put up thoughts in English as well, over at the newly started blog, 🙂
        I did read that post of yours, and it was very encouraging! I am in the middle of a huge strife with someone I considered a friend, but who now not only wants to break off all contact with me, but also owes me money in five figures (Swedish money, that is) that she is being very difficult about. Reading your post gives me hope that I will see this solved to my advantage, after all! It is very trying, but now I have the courage to keep pressing forward. Thank you!

      2. Oh, that indeed must be frustrating Raine! While I hope some of the energetic advice I have here can help, I do hope you can take some type of legal action to recover your monies lost. If you cannot, I hope you can align yourself in spaces where the money would come from sources that support you, rather than take from you, and this can be a tricky thing sometimes – it starts inside of us. We need to feel on very deep levels worthy and deserving and most human family structures do not have this type of support. It seems that support in many family structures is conditional on certain performances, rather than actual equal energetic exchange, then these things live out in our lives in ways we never wanted. I will visit your English blog and be thinking of you!!

      3. ah I added an English version as well, at vitterdaughter. 🙂
        I am feeling very sure that the whole mess will be cleared up shortly., Thank you!

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