Zodiac Tree
The Zodiac Tree

Since I am a Western Astrologer (who leans Classical) and a Tarot Reader, I thought I would provide some helpful Astrology Websites for you!  (My services are more well-described in Consultations – this is a page for resources!)

If you are looking for Lisa’s posts that regard Astrology (or Tarot) – Click Here! (This could include this post I “ghost-wrote” some time ago – Gemini Compatibility)

Articles on that interview me on Astrology Sun Signs and Careers/Relationships (thank you Carolyn Steber!) – 1. Relationship Problems – 2. Marriage Timing – 3. Career Options – 4.  Year 2017 in Relationships 🙂

Keep up with AstroData at Zodiac Arts!

Want to see current astrological transits fast?  Visit PlanetWatcher

Calculate your Moon Sign at this website.

www.astro.comAstroDienst FREE Astrology Charts, plus Horoscopes, and even Ephemerides – my hands-down favorite astrology website since the late 1990s!  Even with all the astrology phone apps out there – this website is still my favorite, just open a web browser on your phone – seriously!

Free Charts AND Reports from Chaos Astrology!

FREE Charts with short report also here at Alabe!

For those who wish to download some free astrology software, visit Innate Wholeness’ Tutorial!

One of my Twitter Astro-connections told me about the free software download: ZET Astrology Software – need to check this one out!

When I purchase astrology software again, Janus will have my immediate consideration – but lately, I have decided to read some Astrological Software Reviews first!  Another free source, good for Traditional Astrology:  Morinus

Some of you have mobile phones and wish to access Astrology Software for iPhone apps, Android, Blackberry, etc. – I still like above, but try Time Passages first, or try AstrologyLand with Matrix Software.  Others are AstroGraph, iTimeCapsule, AstroGold, AstroDraw, Kairon, and Celeste.  I have not tested any besides the free version of Time Passages and am considering getting the professional upgraded version.

If you want a jump-start reading your chart once you get it, try Planetary Visions’ tutorial!

For learning Western or Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) for FREE –

Nice Astrology and even Geneology Resources at this link from Sy Scholfield!

Kepler College!  Get on Kepler’s email list for periodic free classes (called Community Webinars) on Saturdays – they are absolutely fantastic!

Benebell Wen has a fabulous collection of Astrological Resources, including a downloadable and rather thorough Astrology Glossary PDF for FREE! – Jan Spiller’s FREE Astrology Lessons (RIP Jan) – Moses Siregar III’s FREE Astrology Lessons

Donna Woodwell of Donna Philosophica turned me onto a wonderful website, Astrology Hub – check it out! has a very interesting take on Astrology. – Planetary Hours Calculation, or download the free ChronosXP.  For Planetary Hours and what they mean (how they are used), see toward the bottom of Lunarium’s page. – FREE Horary Astrology Lessons (and FREE Astrology PDF Books of ALL kinds here)!  More for you here! and an online read for Medical Astrology (Max Heindel) here!

For more on Egyptian Terms, click this post on Altair Astrology (thanks Jonathan Pearl!)

Dane Rudhyar’s important work in astrology can be read online at  Also check out his audio files. – Planetary Declination Measurements – Planetary Declinations Calculator (converts Declination to Comparable Zodiacal Signs/Degrees)

For the many systems of Zodiacal Degrees (including Lunar Mansions and Sabian Symbols) – see this helpful link.

Some more Astrology Resources here at Beyond Sun Signs, including Mercury Retrograde Periods and Birth Certificate Resources, and here is another Birth Certificate Resource from Steven Forrest.

No, there are NOT thirteen astrological zodiac signs!!  This “Zodiac is 13-signs” misinformation is the worst of #astrologyfakenews!  No, Ophiuchus is NOT a Zodiacal Sign! No matter what part of the world you study astrological lore, the Zodiac itself ALWAYS has TWELVE Signs!  This means: you are the same sign you always have been for Tropical Astrology.  However, it may differ for Sidereal Astrology, most often used in Vedic Astrology of India, but even THAT has only 12 Zodiac signs!  (Now – you can study Fixed Stars to see constellational influences on your chart, those links are below).  Meanwhile, please see these articles for deeper explanation:  Astrologer.comChris Brennan, Deborah Houlding, Enid Newberg has 2 on Astrology Hub HERE and HERE  – and Ryhan Butler has an article on the Three Zodiacs HERE.  Hopefully these articles, and others, can put this issue to rest! – Kim Falconer’s awesome Draconic Astrology Tutorial! – Everything about Fixed Stars!  Use this with THIS WORK – thank you Kenneth D. Miller for this reference!

More on Fixed Stars at Constellations of Words and Ian Ridpath’s Star Tales website.

Click HERE to purchase “Astrology – Understanding the Birth Chart” by Kevin B. Burk (Houston, TX, USA) and published with Llewellyn Worldwide LTD (and check out his AMAZING books that he has on his website!)

For advanced students and for those who have Moon in Scorpio or Moon-Pluto hard aspects, I highly recommend Judy Hall’s “Hades Moon” – it is not a light read!  Very deep stuff here.

For those of you interested in Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), I really like Jeff Harman, Kenneth Miller, and Sam Geppi!

For professional readers, please consider a free or paid listing on – you will discover all the Astrology Organizations and Conference Events worldwide as well!  A great resource for the community.






15 thoughts on “Astrology

    1. Indeed, I very much like Jansky’s work! Thanks for stopping by!

      (Update August 11, 2013 – the link does not work and was therefore removed)

  1. Wow, Lisa! Your site is so pretty, I love the pin of the astro tree. I have not the time this morning to open all the references you list, but many intrigue me and I forwarded the Scorpio moon/hard Pluto aspects on to a friend. This is my first chance, for i am off to cut lavender this morn, but will get your alerts on blackberry now.
    Thank you so much for your, inspiration, support and infectious enthusiasm and broad knowledge on subjects that interest me.

    1. Oh Lori, you are SO welcome! I can hardly wait until my Lavender Hydrosol is ready to use (lesson in patience I guess hehe!) 🙂 It was awesome meeting you in person at the MT Herb Gathering and hope to see you again sometime! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these resources. You took the time and energy to pass on the information you find valuable and helpful, and that is very much appreciated and respected. I am beginning to delve a bit deeper into astrology and this list is exactly the type of resource that I feel will guide me as I begin this path. I am entering my Saturn Return and I noticed you began seriously studying astrology around your Saturn Return as well, and so I feel very connected to you in so many ways (herbalism being the cherry on top!) I feel very blessed to have discovered your work and your gifts. Many blessings,
    Daphna (gem)

  3. What a great list of resources, Lisa! Some are new to me and I’ll be checking them out. You reminded me of ZET. I had it on another computer at one time and it was quite good.

    1. Oh CJ, thanks SO MUCH for stopping by – I love Auntie Moon, and your ritual this time is GREAT!! Always adding resources as I find them! On that note, I am pretty sure I have you on my blogroll (and going to double-check now)!

      1. And I’m checking mine, too. Thanks so much for the warm greeting, Lisa. I’m glad you like the ritual. 🙂

  4. The Most Merciful Creator made me fortunate to see this beautiful Site.
    I remain more and more indebted to God and Godly People like you.
    I express my deep gratitude to Lisa Allen, through whose Site, I reached here.
    Thank you.

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