My 6-Step Herbal Contraceptive/Birth Control Program

Queen Anne’s Lace (by Faunarain)

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Disclaimer: Even though it is shown that one can use herbs and other natural methods for birth control with success, this post, or any part of it, cannot make any guarantees whatsoever.  My personal plan is merely here for your information, meant to be read in its entirety, and the hope is that you would find the drive to do your own thorough research.  The term “research” can mean not only reading materials on herbology, anatomy, and related topics; but also a deep inner knowing of your body and its needs, an ability to communicate with your body, an ability to focus and will-fully set balanced and proper intention, and an ability to communicate with the plant kingdom.  If you manifest an undesired pregnancy, the blog poster and/or all involved are not responsible, and therefore they are to be held separately and collectively harmless.

So – shall we continue?  I hope my story and the system I personally use inspires you to find and successfully implement your own system of natural and/or herbal birth control!

My story begins with an attempt to take the lowest dose available for birth control pills in the early 1980’s – partly for birth control, but partly due to having serious adult acne, where friends of mine had it clear up when they went on the pill, despite the fact they gained weight.  Since I have a very thin build (and still do), this seemed like a good trade-off.  Little did I know that I would be so sick that after trying it for two months, I had lost so much weight that I would faint at work, but couldn’t eat due to the extreme nausea that never let up.  The doctor was crazy enough to tell me to wait one more month, and then I would be “fine.”  Little did he know that I would likely be dead of starvation before then!  So, I went off.  I later got married, had two kids, and got divorced by the early 1990’s.

Still struggling with adult acne, a friend of mine at my legal secretary job told me I ought to try the pill again, since they make them “better.”  So, I tried again, different types over a period of approximately three years – and I broke out worse, and even became more vulnerable to something I struggled with in the past – yeast infections.  I stopped again.

Ortho Tri Cyclen LO

By 2001, I was again prompted by a different friend, who said (guess!) they made the birth control pill even “better.”  So, I gave it a shot again – the Ortho-Tri-Cyclen types, as they advertised they were the best for skin problems.  I didn’t have nausea, I didn’t get yeast infections, and I could see I was breaking out less.  I thought my problem was solved.  But little did I realize what was really happening.  These new types of birth control pills only buried the symptoms much deeper in the body, so that you wouldn’t notice things – and not for quite awhile later.

As I remember, it was about a year later when I started to have mild headaches at the base of my skull.  I didn’t equate it with the birth control pill at the time because I had already been taking it for about a year with no noticeable problems.  Interestingly, my psychic abilities were growing at the same time, so I attributed the headaches to that instead.  What was really happening was that the chemical hormones present in the pill, which cannot break down and leave your body, were accumulating – and not just to give me headaches, as I was about to learn the hard way!

I got blissfully remarried in 2003, and by early 2004, I landed in the emergency room due to excruciating pain in the right side of my abdomen, where it could not be determined what exactly was wrong with me until the surgery was performed.  A large cyst developed on my right Ovary, and when I had leaned over, the ovary turned and wasn’t able to turn back, twisting my Fallopian Tube and causing pain.  Even the X-rays and CAT scans showed body fluids around that area – but they thought it could be a toxic and ruptured Appendix, of which could be life-threatening.  So, I had to agree for them to take my Appendix out regardless of what they found since they could not risk leaving it in under the circumstances.  It was only after the surgery that I learned that they removed my very healthy Appendix and my right Ovary.  The X-rays and CAT scans also revealed three fibroids inside of my Uterus, as well as a cyst beginning to develop on my left Ovary, and upon asking them what causes these types of things, they provided no answers.  The doctors and the staff told me that when those begin to “bother” me, to just call them to schedule my Hysterectomy!!  This was the beginning of my healing journey and what a wake-up call it was – because I was not going to get a Hysterectomy!

**2015 update: it turns out I have the Adrenal Androgen type of the wrongly-named  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which is marked by high DHEA and Testosterone, low Cortisol and luckily for me no insulin issues.  Further diet modifications to try to address possible inflammation are now implemented for a minimum of 6 months to determine triggers, etcetera: no wheat/gluten, no sugar, no stimulants (coffee, tea), no dairy (eggs, butter and active culture yogurt okay), and other herbal/nutritional options are being investigated, of which none showed evidence of being triggers or causes (see 2019 update below when I finally figured out mine).  By early 2017, I was determined to be menopausal and yet had large multiple (uncountable) uterine fibroids that are not shrinking, and while my hair growth is mostly back (phew!), I still have 3-day headaches nearly every month, weaker bladder because of what I thought was the fibroids pressure, have some hot flashes and rather frustratingly, I have gained around 40-50 pounds!  Other herbal therapies are now being investigated and tested, of which are for now, Black Cohosh, Vitex/Chaste Berry and Ocotillo tinctures.  This doesn’t even cover the energetic part, of which must be deeper than the Universe itself!**

**2019 update: By the summer of 2018, after much research and herbal, homeopathic, energetic, even many attempted diet modifications, I experienced mild success with Schizandra tincture along with usual herbs like Red Clover, Nettle and Oatstraw tea, but I was in more and more body pain.  I finally found a medical intuitive who really understood what was going on in my body! My core issue was not hormonal imbalance (which explains why those protocols were not successful) but instead, and extremely inflammed gut lining that needs 4 years to rebuild using the protocol below (or 12 years if I use plant sources to do it)! I have experienced an 85% improvement of my health, quite significant!  Other than basic nutrition herbs, she took me off of everything so we could see what was working, and the radical diet change was as follows: 

NO GRAINS (yeah – not even quinoa even if it’s not in the grass family)  No wheat, no corn, no rice, no oats, no millet, no sorghum – not even organic!  I’d never thought to do this.  Now, I am using instead recipes with these flours: Cassava, Buckwheat, Almond and/or Coconut.  I can also use Buckwheat Groats (especially for Tabouli), Almond Meal (good for breading before frying), and Sesame, Chia and/or Flax seed – and?  Thank goodness: lots of potatoes! (Note: I am currently looking into this Paleo Flour.)

No Legumes, which means no soy, no beans, no peas, no peanuts, no chickpeas (thus, so many “gluten-free” choices gone with this requirement, see above); and

No Sugars (which included all sweeteners, except Stevia (liquid for home, powder packets for travel, both at Trader Joe’s), the less bitter Monkfruit (drops for tea, powder for cooking), and very occasional coconut sugar, and: no tropical fruit!  Pretty much only allowed berries and non-orange citrus)!  Had to learn to cook all over again!  I stick to this diet about 95-99 percent of the time (and thank goodness for grain-free food bloggers giving me ideas so I could modify nearly everything I was eating, so it wasn’t as painful as it could have been).  For my granola fix, I eat Trader Joe’s Grain-free Organic Granola made with nuts, coconut sugar and a few raisins/cranberries, or I splurge on this.

Fats I use:  Kerrygold or Cultured Butter from Brittany (Trader Joe’s), California organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, and avocado oil.  If there are fats in dairy or meats, it helps.

Obviously, I can have lots of fresh and cooked vegetables, and can luckily still have my favorite tea (herbal, green or black), and sometimes coffee!

Only TWO supplements:  1-2 Iodine drops rubbed daily into my wrists, not orally – I already had this one on-hand, but you can use others; and

(I cannot emphasize this one enough!!) 1 scoop of a Type 1 and 3 Collagen Peptide daily in tea (or, I get the 24-ounce size of “Vital Proteins” Collagen Peptides in the light blue canister at Costco for $30).  This averages to around $25 a month and it is the best investment I have made!  I make sure I never run out!  (If you are vegan, you may wish to look into Biosil but you will need longer if you are healing, and I would also drink slippery elm gruel daily on empty stomach about 30 minutes before eating).

I was in awe of the difference right away on things I had no idea it would help with!  Added benefits: 20 pounds of weight loss in first couple months (!) and total almost a year later is 25 pounds (total 1/2 years later is 35 pounds), and I am not trying that hard!  Bladder problem 90% corrected, remarkable! No more hair loss and it’s grown LONG again, and nails are growing, my skin looks great!  Headaches were less often but much milder and sometimes over more quickly too, and now pretty much gone.  While I am still fine-tuning my herb, food and health needs, I am needless to say overjoyed at the improvement!**

(Continuing) By 2005, I lost lots of my hair, had lots of body pain and was cold all the time (especially my upper body), and had migraine headaches for three days prior to my menstrual cycles.  I did not know these were symptoms of hormonal imbalance until I researched it.   Upon digging deeper, I also learned that all of my symptoms as well as the actual problems were all documents side-effects of (you guessed it) the Birth Control Pill!  By 2006, I was determined to use natural methods of re-balancing my hormones and heal fully.  I also wanted to see what was possible for natural and herbal contraceptive methods.

I manifested an excellent herbal education, and became a Master Herbalist through the School of Natural Healing in Utah.  Through my new knowledge, along with dowsing to read my body’s needs, I figured out the herbs to re-balance my hormonally-wacky body – the main one being Black Cohosh and other herbs that provided cleansing of my system (especially my liver), and nourishing herbs that helped me get back to normal.  On an energetic level, I decided to intend creating an energetic right ovary and appendix, so I could function well again.   After a couple months, no more migraines!  My body pain continues to lessen with each cycle too!  I shaped up my diet and while I don’t always follow the Mucusless diet recommended by the school, I know how to make food choices so I do not perpetuate bad health.  Foods that are a close to nature as possible is the best yardstick for this process – and making sure you have excellent drinking water.  We have a distiller, and then aerate through a charcoal-filter afterward, which I recently learned will slightly alkalize the acidic distilled water.  Add Reiki to energize the healing qualities, as well as a tiny pinch of Himalayan Salt to bring the water to 432hz vibration, and you are good to go!

All the while that I was clearing toxins from my system and turning toward herbs for everything (I can’t remember the last time I even looked at an Advil, as Wild Lettuce works safely and wonderfully for pain or insomnia), I was beginning to become very aware and feel signals in my body that I never felt before.  For instance, I began to actually feel ovulation (from my left side, of course).  I also realized that the family that headed the herb school was Mormon, and therefore did not promote the ideas of birth control using herbs – and I can respect this.

So, I needed to search elsewhere – and luckily I found an excellent website to work with, Sister Zeus! This is the one-stop website to learn about all of your options, with historical use of herbs being my main area of study.  Little did I know that over time, much of this knowledge was lost.  There are arguments to be made that natural methods were not reliable, but I believe much of the knowledge was more likely (through political and religious means) deliberately wiped away.  The mere fact that Giant Fennel aka Silphium was so effective in Roman times to make it extinct was enough of a reason for me to keep exploring this option.

It is also hard for me to believe that only one plant available in one part of the world only would be effective.  It makes more sense naturally that each region would have its own plants and methods.  Also, in other areas of the world that were not interrupted in this way still use traditional herbal methods of contraception with success (one that comes to mind is the use of Neem for Men in India).

Unfortunately, despite thousands of years of use (as compared to about 50 years of birth control medications), there are not enough official “studies” on these topics to verify results.  However, I also realize that historical implications can be enough to start with.  For my personal use, my ability to communicate with my body and with plants, my dowsing ability and my pendulum could fill in those spaces of doubt and do the rest.

Being a careful person, and after doing diligent research, I decided to combine six steps, the first being preparation, and the last two of which are back-ups for just-in-case.

**Best results come from being grounded and stable ourselves, as free of man-made chemicals as is doable, and involved in stable relationships.**

1.  Prepare Your Body

When transitioning to go off the birth control pill, in the meantime have a barrier method to work with (condom, diaphragm, cervical cap, etcetera) because your cycle and chemical balance may really be out of whack.  Go off at the completion of one of your packs, rather than mid-way.

Then, to regulate your cycle, start drinking Red Raspberry Tea at least once a day, while you are also doing an herbal liver detoxification (which will be explained).  Depending on how long you are on chemical medications (whether they are over the counter like Advil, Alleve, or Tylenol) or prescriptions (birth control, antibiotics, all prescription pain relievers, high blood pressure medicines, etcetera) – these do not break down and eliminate from your system, but rather accumulate (and when your liver has had enough, sometimes these are deposited in your muscles, which can cause fibromyalgic-type disorders).  This also counts hormones and antibiotics that are residue in meats and dairy products, so please cut back or eliminate these, or at least purchase organic.  The average time to do a liver detox is around 3-4 months, and if you find you must stay on medications (i.e. high blood pressure is a good example, those are more difficult to get off of, though it is possible), do a liver detox at least once a year, and it is most ideal in the early Spring (i.e. February-April for the Northern Hemisphere).

The liver detox formula I like to use:  1 part Turmeric, 1 part Burdock Root, 1 part Yellow Dock Root, 1 part Milk Thistle Seeds, 1 part Dandelion Root, and 1 part Cardamon Seeds (or Fennel).  Mix this powder in raw unprocessed honey until it is thicker than peanut butter consistency (if you are diabetic, try organic butter or olive oil).  Take ½-1 teaspoon twice a day – you can roll this into one or two soft “capsule(s)” and make it easy to swallow, and chase with water, herbal tea or fruit juice.  Take a break one day a week, making it the same day of the week as much as you can.  I found this eliminated my acne problem, but I first broke out worse – but I do not have the extremes of acne anymore!

Along with the Red Raspberry Tea, keep this as a daily habit from now on, since these teas are food!  Other types of tea that are very nutritive and recommended are Oatstraw, Nettle, Alfalfa, Dandelion, and with care and herbal advice, Comfrey.  Red Clover is a wonderful blood cleanser, but if you are trying to avoid pregancy, stay away from this one.  Yarrow and/or Cramp Bark tea is very helpful around your menstrual cycle.  Get to know these teas – they will be your friends for life and even help you through menopause, which you can then add Black Cohosh, Wild Yam and/or Dong Quai (aka Angelica) to your herbal intake – find what works.

2. Focus Intention on What You Want

Being a rather “magical” person who knows how to direct intention, I decided to take the advice of The Secret or the Law of Attraction where it talks about putting energy into what you wish for, rather than for what you do not wish for.  What is the lesson?  Upon orgasm, of which the energy has amazing creative potential, immediately think of things you WANT, whether that is a new car, a big house, a new business, an abundant bank account – whatever you desire and wish to manifest.  How many times can we think of people who know that they are practicing “bad timing” with no protection, and yet immediately afterward, their first thought is, “Oh NO, I don’t want to get pregnant!”  Guess what happens?  The energy goes where energy flows, whether you qualify it with a “yes” or a “no.”  This takes some discipline, but pretty soon it becomes a habit.  It works even better if your partner is involved in the energy direction process, but it is not necessary.  I am peripherally aware of a Christian Pastor and his wife using ONLY this first method, and it worked every time for them, over a span of many years.  When they wanted a larger church building, they envisioned it, and it happened.  When they wanted children, they concentrated on pregnancy, and it happened right away.  They have all they want, including the exact amount of children they wished for, and spaced the way they wanted.  Don’t underestimate the power of intention!

Menstrual Cycle-Tracking Bracelet by Obsidian Star

3.  Find your Natural Monthly Cycle

A very helpful book to start with is Toni Weschler’s “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” which is a system of fertility or birth control that is even OK to use if you are Catholic – so I imagine these methods can work for nearly everyone – and it is NOT the rhythm method!  However, because of the herbs (especially Red Raspberry Leaf), my cycle is very regular, and is nearly always between 25 and 28 days (unless I am around other females for a large amount of time, which can disrupt this greatly, and I know this ahead of time).  I recently found online this article, and I enjoyed the method here of getting to know your body!  You may also wish to look into menstrual cycle-tracking jewelry like Cycle Beads, or these very pretty alternatives from Obsidian Star (who also amongst other sites runs  Please also note this blog post on tracking ovulation.  Also – check out this iPhone app for tracking your cycle – Selene.

The key: There is only roughly a 24-hour period of time when you can achieve pregnancy, and that is Ovulation – when the Egg leaves the Ovary, travels through the Fallopian Tube and into the Uterus.  At that point, the uterine lining builds with blood to nourish the fertile egg, when it would implant in the lining and grow into a baby.  If the egg was not fertilized, the lining sheds, providing our menstrual cycle.  The beginning of the Menstrual Cycle is nearly always exactly 14 days after Ovulation.  So if your menstrual cycles are regular, you can count 14 days prior – and arrive at the Ovulation times.  The reason pregnancy happens?  It is because Sperm can live so long – and that there are so many!  Studies vary, but it is said Sperm can live from 5 to even 9 days!  They can even “hover” and wait for the Egg, which has sort of a “magnetic pull” to attract the Sperm while the Egg is traveling toward the Uterus.

Lesson: Pregnancy occurs when sex is BEFORE the Ovulation date, not AFTER the Ovulation date!   So basically, between the completion of the Ovulation date and the first date of the Menstrual Cycle, pregnancy does not occur, and no other methods are necessary.  The “beware” part is between the start of the Menstrual Cycle and the Ovulation Cycle!  If sex is occurring in the “beware” period, then follow the next steps.

Queen Annes Lace aka Wild Carrot (Daucus carota)

4. Queen Anne’s Lace aka Wild Carrot

This is the first place where the use of an herb is mentioned for herbal contraception, and it is none other than Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota), which is also called Wild Carrot. In this article as well as others I have seen on the internet, it is also abbreviated at QAL, and (like some other umbels) is ruled by the planet Mercury.  It is the seeds that are most often used, but it can be the flower itself if that is what is available.  When used properly, this herb has shown effectiveness as well as safety, so it was a natural for me to implement.  The seeds can be chewed but that is harsh-tasting (not to mention the texture is super-creepy).  For me, it is much easier to tincture the ground seeds in a mixture of half Vodka and half Everclear for at least a month (I prefer longer if possible).  Vodka alone (100 proof) could be used alone but would need much longer tincturing time (at least six to eight months), since the seeds have a rather resinous quality, making it hard for water content to extract the medicinal value of the seeds.  For those whose religious or spiritual values do not allow for killing the fertilized egg, you may wish to only use the first two steps, with a barrier method during the “beware” time, since QAL’s action is to not allow the (likely) fertilized egg to implant.  More information can be located from Sister Zeus, Herbalisl, and of course Robin Rose Bennett.

It is clear that you do not use QAL in the same way you would use birth control pills.  In fact if you do, you are asking for trouble!  While I have learned dowsing so that I can test myself individually to see if I need a dose, how much of a dose, how often, and when to stop – the usual program for me follows:  I would take 1 dropperful (about 20 drops) between 8 and 24 hours after the last day of the pre-ovulation cycle sex, then schedule two more doses of the same amount, 24 hours later, then the final 24 hours later.  Then, I stop.  And as you will read, this is a very important step!  I have used these three steps for the last 4 years, with great success.  However, I am in my 40’s and had an ovary removed, but I am still menstruating monthly (or more than monthly currently, but that is a different issue I will blog about later).  I have the last two steps in place as my back-up plan, and I just feel safer that way!  For finding seeds, it might be best to purchase a few seeds and plant them yourself, or to wildcraft – but make sure you do not mistake for the very poisonous Water Hemlock (Cicuta spp.) or Poison Hemlock (Conium maculatum)!  Please review these websites thoroughly before implementing use.

**NEWSFLASH**  Robin Rose Bennett and Mischa Schuler had posted their 2011 Wild Carrot Study!  Please view that PDF here.

Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)

5. Tansy

In the four years I have been using my herbal contraceptive plan, I have only had to use this step once – and I think it was provoked by stress more than it was a potential pregnancy, since it didn’t “feel” like a pregnancy to me (remember, I had two kids and I remember how it felt to be pregnant).  This is also nice (if you are like me) when you around other menstruating females for enough time that your cycle will change to their schedule.

Every time I have a new menstrual cycle start, I immediately go ahead 28 days (which is 4 weeks, so that is easy) and mark that day to be expecting my next menstrual cycle.  It nearly every time arrives before it, so when it does, I erase the marker and move it 28 days from my newest menstrual cycle date.  I then continue to keep my cycle on track.  If I do not begin my menstrual cycle at the 28th day, it is time for emmenogogue or abortificant herbs.

Tansy – Tanecetum vulgare

After a deep review of the list on Sister Zeus, as well as knowing my body and my herbal availability (in my case, in my own yard), I opted to use the distinctively-flowered, aromatic weed, Tansy (Tanecetum vulgare), sometimes called Yellow Buttons, which along with its de-worming quality, is highly abortificant and if used too much, can even be considered harmful.  It has been reported that some women will even feel pains in their abdomen if they are pregnant just being NEAR this herb, so be very careful.  Ruled by the planet Venus, it is also reported that some women use only this fifth step as their only form of birth control for many years, and have had good success and no side effects when used properly.

The upper plant parts are used and dried, and when needed, made into a strong cup of tea (as an example, two teaspoons of dried herb to 8-10 ounces of boiling distilled or spring water, steeped for 20 minutes).  It is bitter, and can be sweetened with raw honey or stevia if needed.  The maximum you ought to need in this day is two cups to have your menstrual cycle start – and in my one-time use in four years, I only needed one cup for my period to start in a matter of 2-3 hours.  I use my pendulum to dowse this, as I want to be sure this works.  One large reason is that Tansy is known to cause birth defects if the fetus lives – and I would not be able to live with that, so I make sure I have enough, without being harmful to my body.  This is also why I would take this on the 28th day exactly, because the longer you wait, the more difficult the process would be.  This is a very personal decision, as well as a personal relationship and connection with the collective consciousness, or spirit, of Tansy.  I find it helpful to be very pure with your intention and very loving.  There are alternative herbs to use at this stage, find out about them on Sister Zeus.  Here is another learning source to study thoroughly, and another!  Do what is right for you.  **2018: Kristen Eaton shared this!

6.  Acupuncture to Stimulate the “Forbidden Points”

This last step I have never had to use and I hope I never have to use it.  But having it available gives me peace of mind that I maybe wouldn’t have had in order to pursue this program.  It is a big “curve” not only in learning, but in trust – trust in yourself, trust in the plants and your relationships, and trust in Spirit.  The FDA and even other orthodox medical doctors will not be able to isolate these relationships and study them, because they want things to work even if the person is not “aligned” – thus, the tests would never be able to happen in a measurable way for them.

The sixth and last step in my program is not herbal, but instead involves acupuncture.  I am not an Acupuncturist, so I found one whom I like, trust, and mentioned to her that if I ever needed it, I would ask her to stimulate the so-called “Forbidden Points” to bring about my menstruation.  This method has been used successfully in China for quite some time now.  Again, this choice is not for everyone.  In relevant part:

“If a woman in China is pregnant with a second child, or in numerous cases, if the couple knows the first pregnancy is a girl, the couple will go to the medical clinic for an abortion. One common method of abortion is simply to use strong acupuncture point stimulation of San Yin Chiao (SP6) in conjunction with He Gu (LI4). The abortion is generally realized within 24 hours.”

From another point of view:

Acupuncture Points to Avoid During Pregnancy

  • Points on the sacrum – can cause contractions
  • Point on the lower abdomen – there is a risk of needling too deep
  • Point on the low back – avoid deep needling.
  • Sanyinjiao (Sp6) – located three fingers above the medial malleolus (inner ankle bone). Can cause contractions.
  • Hegu (LI4) – located on top of hand in the fleshy area between the thumb and index finger. Can cause contractions.

Here is two sources each for the two Forbidden Acupuncture Points for Pregnancy:

Large Intestine 4:

Spleen 6:

Also consider:  Point “BL60” – on the outside of the ankle, between the ankle and Achilles tendon* * * * *

***NEWSFLASH!  I recently have been reading Marie-France Mulller, MD, ND, PhD’s book, Facial Reflexology and am learning about a Vietnamese-based system of Facial Acupressure or Reflexology, called “Dien’ Cham'” – on pages 95-96, it speaks of an alternative female contraceptive use of this technique!  My blog post on this exciting update can be found HERE!

* * * * *

So – in Review:

  1. Prepare your body, and learn all you can during this stage.  Do Liver Detox and implement Daily Herbs that help you to balance hormones, regulate your menstrual cycle, and provide nutrition you need.  Also – learn the Dien’ Chan’ female contraceptive facial acupressure/reflexology technique, described above in the updated Acupuncture portion of this post!
  2. Set Positive Intention of what you desire during orgasm and direct energy toward that.
  3. Once your menstrual cycle is regular, distinguish your safe time (between the end of the Ovulation Cycle and the start of the Menstrual Cycle) and your “beware” time (between the start of the Menstrual Cycle and especially as it gets closer to the beginning of the 24-hour Ovulation Cycle).
  4. Use Queen Anne’s Lace if you do not use a barrier during the “beware” time of your cycle, as directed (and dowsing dosages and times for the dosages helps immensely).  The most important thing is knowing when to stop QAL dosages, or pregnancy is likely.
  5. Use Tansy or other emmenogogue or abortificant herbs if on the 28th day after your last start of your Menstrual Cycle that you haven’t started yet – one cup usually works within minutes or hours, and two cups maximum (unless you dowse for yourself and the reading tells you it is safe and that you need more).  Do not use this method much past the 28th day, due to undesirable complications.
  6. As a last resort, see an Acupuncturist who will stimulate the “Forbidden Points” of San Yin Jiao (SP6) and He Gu (LI4) for you – it is ideal to create a relationship with one before you would ever need this.

For learning Dowsing techniques, please visit my Dowsing Resource Links page at my blog.  While I will do my best here to answer questions on this method, you may wish to check into other resources.

For instance, women who are not interested in children at all can consider researching the sterilizing properties of Stoneseed aka Gromwell or Puccoon (Lithospermum ruderale).  Also research Jack-in-the-Pulpit (Arisema triphyllum), and Thistles (Carduus or Cirsium genii), as well as how to find to wildcraft, the plant parts used, and safe dosages for you.  Working closely with a skilled Herbalist or other healthcare provider familiar with plant medicine is of course ideal.  (Also – read the COMMENTS below for other herbal/plant suggestions to investigate!)

**Modification: In the past and on this post, I was told by a classically-trained Homeopath that Homeopathy can only support life and thereby cannot be used for this purpose (she herself used Homeopathy for fertility issues that her clients had).  However, since I am now enrolled in training and networking with other Homeopaths, I have found a great many Homeopaths worldwide who not only strongly disagree with this premise; they in fact tell me much damage can be done with a non-knowledgeable application of Homeopathy!  One had even said that a non-knowledgeable layperson with high-potency homeopathic remedies is like a person with a loaded gun playing Russian Roulette!  Along this topic of natural contraceptive and abortificant issues, they have said that one such remedy that can be pretty dicey to deal with is Thuja occ. which is amongst other things a polycrest remedy for the Sycotic Miasm.  Additionally, I have linked from Google Books Page 297 of Natural Liberty, (entire book here), but you may wish to explore more on this topic by looking at the Homeopathic remedies closer than I can post here.

Thank you for reading my very personal herbal contraceptive program – it is my hope that my story inspires you to find your own natural system of birth control that is right for you!

Once again – check out Robin LaCrosse’s website – she’s amazing!

Thanks SO much for staying tuned via my Email List – so appreciated!

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I am currently on “the pill” and really want to get off of it. I am not ready to get pregnant and am scared to go at this by myself, not knowing anyone locally that has done it. It’s nice to find someone that has experience and can share their experience with others.

    1. Carrie – I know EXACTLY how you feel! While it was amazing finding all of the information for this online – implementing it so that it actually was a working system was a whole new level! While it may seem more overwhelming at first, I am hoping that my step-by-step breakdown of everything I learned – and integrated – will be able to help many others create their own workable natural, alternative, non-invasive, herbal contraceptive plan. While other plans may vary from mine (i.e. the availability of herbs are different in their area, etcetera – as a for-instance Sara here using organic Cotton Root Bark because that is what was available), I hope I have at least provided here a foundation to start doing something, and to transition more smoothly. Let me know how it goes Carrie, I am sure your plan will work fine, and thanks tons for commenting!

    2. Thank you for sharing and writing this article. I’m breastfeeding mother of 2 and over the last year I’ve been removing the harmful toxins from my home and opting for natural options. You’re article give me hope that I could possibly live without hormonal supplements.

      1. Hi Monique! Sorry for the late reply, I experienced some issues with the filters. I hope in your journey that you have discovered what is working for you, and if you have figured it out, share it with the world indeed! 🙂 ❤ Lisa

  2. I was on the Native American Ethnobotany Database and found (amongst other things) these entries when putting in the Latin Name for Stoneseed, which is also called Gromwell or Puccoon:

    Lithospermum ruderale Dougl. ex Lehm.
    Western Gromwell; Boraginaceae
    Shoshoni Drug (Contraceptive)
    Infusion of root taken for six months as a permanent birth control.
    Murphey, Edith Van Allen 1990 Indian Uses of Native Plants. Glenwood, Ill. Meyerbooks. Originally published in 1959 (p. 46)”

    Lithospermum ruderale Dougl. ex Lehm.
    Western Gromwell; Boraginaceae
    Shoshoni Drug (Contraceptive)
    Cold water infusion of root taken daily for six months as a contraceptive.
    Train, Percy, James R. Henrichs and W. Andrew Archer 1941 Medicinal Uses of Plants by Indian Tribes of Nevada. Washington DC. U.S. Department of Agriculture (p. 102)”

    Here are a couple of images:
    (Other Lithospermum spp. grow in other areas of North America – google “Lithospermum” for images of what may be nearby you).

    Then, I decided to put “Cirsium” into the search engine, to find:

    Cirsium ochrocentrum Gray
    Yellowspine Thistle; Asteraceae
    Zuni Drug (Contraceptive)
    Infusion of root taken by both partners as a contraceptive.
    Camazine, Scott and Robert A. Bye 1980 A Study Of The Medical Ethnobotany Of The Zuni Indians of New Mexico. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2:365-388 (p. 374)”

    This looks like the beginning of research to me. I found a few others on this website, but some historical uses (i.e. the LETHAL Water Hemlock) are so highly poisonous it isn’t worth the risk at all! BE CAREFUL!! I would also want to fully research the effectiveness, clarity of use, and other factors (and of course, perhaps a direct, spiritual “conversation” with the plant itself would also be in order)!

  3. Found on Dr. Mercola’s website recently – when you scroll down, there is some lesser-known information about chemical hormones – that they can influence partner choice:

    “Interestingly, there are even scientific studies suggesting that birth control pills may negatively influence your choice of romantic partner!

    “Research has shown that birth control pills may alter your menstrual cycle in such a way as to alter the sexual appetites of you and your partner, which could impact future generations. A few small studies have found a genetic difference between the men that women find attractive during a natural hormone cycle, and the men that women find attractive while under the influence of synthetic hormones.”

    “Chemical contraceptives also appear to alter your ‘secret sex nerve (Nerve O),’ which has endings in your nasal cavity and helps determine who floats your boat. The problem arises when you quit using the Pill, as suddenly the partner you chose while on it, no longer matches your instinctive drives.”

    1. I read about this somewhere!! it is also written somewhere(don’t remember though i bookmarked it) that men actually find women not on Chemical contraceptives more attractive! basically the pheromones we exude are unique to those whose body is under going such a radical change(shivers) i will never put any of those things in me never!!!

      Thanks for the info Lisa!! ^_^

  4. Where can you purchase female condoms? I’ve never heard of them before and am definately interested in using them instead of a diaphragm.

  5. Hi Carrie! I have never used them myself, but understand that they are not exactly wonderful to use by those I had spoken with who did try them. Apparently, the “fit” is an issue, and even strange noises (not sexy) – and the sensation was not there for both partners. I would do some internet research on this before you decide if they are right for you, and at that point, if you wish to purchase, I bet you could find a source no problem!

  6. Thx for the gr8 article,
    Regarding yr liver clense recepi , could you pls clarify what amounts to take, eg 1tsp of each.

    1. Hi Andy! No, not 1 tsp. each – it would be 1 tsp. combined, but nearly any combo of liver-acting herbs can work, so use what you have access to. However, I have discovered that I like using more herbs than less, as they seem to balance out actions better. Good luck Andy!

      1. This is all with regular food intake, although as mentioned when doing the liver detox you may want to refrain from coffee, alcoholic beverages and eat as organically as you can. But I am guessing you are referring to the use of Queen Anne’s Lace seeds (or flowers) and/or the very careful use of Tansy, and that is regular food intake. Stay tuned as I am hoping to update this post!

  7. What would you think about taking a small dose (1 to 2 cups of tea let’s say) of tansy every time it was time for my period to start? Do you think that that could be harmful to my body or could endanger the ability to conceive and birth a healthy child in the future?

    1. Hi Anna! While I do not like to say it is OK for anyone to do this (since people are different), I can say that historically, it has been known that some have indeed done this. You can dowse, or work with an herbalist, to see what may be right for you. Please do your research too, you can look at Sister Zeus’ website to start. For Tansy, check or other herbs of a similar nature at – hope this helps, let me know if you have other questions, OK?

    1. Hello Anna! It appears to be the same, but what you can always do is ask the Etsy seller if they model their design through (and those are also sold on the website too, nice to know)! Nice find by the way! 🙂

  8. It is great to know this knowledge is out there. It feels a lot better than depending on the stuff that is harsher on our bodies. In a few years, when I am a little more stable in partnership and willing to “risk it,” I would love to try some herbal contraceptives:) Thanks Lisa.

    1. Awesome, thanks Suzy! Yes, I know what you mean about really needing to make sure stuff WORKS, and it is so a matter of trusting your body and the plants, not the (hmm) experts. When you are aligned properly, and confident in your research as well as yourself (your real self), you can do it! 🙂 I really appreciate your visit to my blog and I am enjoying yours too!

  9. Hi again AarTiana. I’ve heard that different women ovulate at different times during their cycle, and that it can’t be pinned down to one or two specific days each time… That a woman’s ovulation time can vary from cycle to cycle. So I’m just curious… how do YOU tell when you’re ovulating? Is it just something you can feel?

    1. Hi Anna! Yes, when I was younger, busy and not paying attention to my cycle, I didn’t feel it. However, as I started to watch what I ate, keeping it as much as I could to a “close to nature” diet, and using distilled and/or spring water – I started to actually feel my ovulation! So yes, that does happen, and I would imagine anyone who starts paying more attention will have this happen. I love some of the material on Susun Weed’s forums and her eZines, nice meditations that connect you to your body as well as to the Earth and to Spirit, the All that Is. When you are in your flow, you will feel your body speak to you. And I will mention that as variable as my cycle ever got – even if I ovulated early (and that happened often), it is pretty darned much the 14-day mark of menstruation. So whether my cycle was a 21 day one or a 26 day one (yes, that was my average swing when I was younger), it became clear to me that the 21-day types I had just ovulated earlier. I am also one of those women (as mentioned in the post) whose cycle will fluctuate to match any females around me that I am spending enough time with, and I learned to keep my menstruation products close by in those circumstances, since I could have a light period as early as 12 days after my last cycle!! The only time it would be around 28 days (or sometimes later) was again due to the other females around me. I hope this makes sense and helps you. Thanks for your comments!!

      1. I am not an expert in this area, and I see the download links are not working anymore. I’ll see what I can do. Look in your email in the next day or two 🙂

  10. im so grateful for this article- thank you! i was wondering how early on the tansy tea may be taken. can it be taken prior to a missed period?

    1. Hello there Banshee – and you are most welcome! As for Tansy, do you mean can you use it to bring on a menstrual cycle early? I would think you could do this, but would caution to not get in the habit of changing your cycle, that can wreck havoc! I have also heard of others delaying their periods by using Sage but then they needed Oatstraw also, since Sage can be drying. There are threads on both Sister Zeus’ yahoogroup as well as Susun Weed’s forum that have information from others that may help you with this (and the links are above in this post) – THANKS again!!

  11. Hi! Thanks for such an informative post. I’m researching natural treatments for fibroids and when I discovered that most of the recs for that were also listed as treatments for infertility, I got scared and started looking into more extreme birth control. Having backups for the backups is very appealing.

    A couple questions — what is the purpose of the raspberry tea? Is it part of the liver cleanse?

    Also, for the herbs for the liver cleansing mix, how much of each should i order to have enough for the full cleanse?


    1. Hello there Taryn! Red Raspberry is one of the best female reproductive tonic herbs and ought to be a food group. The idea is that if people are on the pill to help regulate their hormones, and their periods, they may solve their problem by drinking Red Raspberry tea, and I know people who have done just this to correct their problem. This is a great tea for those who are pregnant to drink very regularly too. Other herbs that help in that tonic, nutritive way are Nettle, Oatstraw, and Red Clover, and all to me make delicious teas and infusions. Comfrey leaf is also good, even if the FDA says it causes liver issues – they never tested Comfrey, they tested isolated chemical constituents – but still, if you are an “excess” type, go easy on the Comfrey. I just happen to be one of the more “deficient” types and I find Comfrey to be a godsend! I ended up using my constitutional remedy recommended by my homeopath to clear my fibroids, worked like a charm! It took almost a year but didn’t have to do much else, which was great! For doing the liver cleanse: Order about 1 ounce each and you may have leftover herbs but you can use them later – and at about $1 an ounce, more or less, it is great! I hope this helps!

  12. I was fascinated by your website.

    I would suggest you do some research on Natural Family Planning as it is safe, non-toxic, $ wise and it works….the divorce rate is like about 3% and approved by the Catholic Church. It also helps couples who WANT to have children as well as those who want to avoid children temporarily. The couple together discuss the fertility and so come closer together as a couple.

    Also Young Living Essential Oils, which I sell, has wonderful liver cleansing techniques. Liver is THE organ to keep prestine clean for an otherwise healthy body. Do not be fooled taking locally-sold smell-good oils. These are graded pure, therapeutic essential oils which have no side effects, and are safe when used as directed.

    I am a distributor, I am happy to say….Patricia C. in St. Louis, MO #1163662 For testimonials by people with good results of liver cleansing, go to: FREE research…..problems wth this search, or contact me through this website blog…….

    1. Hello Patricia, I believe I did mention this method, but perhaps I refer to a different one. Could you provide a link for Natural Family Planning that you like? Is this based on rhythm or another method? Thanks in advance!

  13. Hi I found the information on this site to be helpful and interesting. I have a question this is kind of off of the subject, but after having my daughter who is now a year old I started suffering from sever panic attacks and anxiety. It got so bad that I even spent seven days in a psychiatric hospital as well as being prescribed an anti-depressant and an anti-anxiety med. I am currently taking 10 mg of Celexa which I weaned down by myself, as well as .05 mg of Ativan an anti-anxiety drug. There are a few issues, the first is that about two weeks before my period and while I am on my period, I have SEVERE, anxiety and depression. It lasts all the way up until the day my period is over and then slowly subsides. It is horrible! I feel like im not real and it is very scary and hard not only for me but for my family. After doing reasearch I think I may have PPMD probably brought on by my hormones being very imbalanced. I really want to wean off these meds as I feel they are only adding to the problem. While reading what you said about Liver detox I thought that was significant as these drugs that I am on of course need the liver to work. What herbs do you think I can use to make the weaning process for these meds easier, some withdrawal effects are joint pain, rebound anxiety and depression, brain zaps, ssri syndrome which can be life threatening, shortness of breath, racing thoughts basically you experience everything you experienced before you even got on the meds which make them useless if you ask me! I have started taking Wild Yam and am waiting to see how it will work. Any advice you can give would be helpful! Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your comment! The situation you explain here seems more complicated than reporting historical herbal use. I think it would be best if you could find a local herbalist or other alternative practitioner to help you and to also work with your doctor to detox as well as re-nourish your body. Transitioning away from chemical prescriptions can be a dicey process and it is imperative someone is nearby to help you with this. Everyone is different, so different herbs may help you, and a different pacing may be required for your transition. Do not give up, I am confident you can find such a person, and I wish you wellness and recovery for you and your new family!

  14. May I simply say what a comfort to uncover someone who truly understands what they’re discussing online. You actually realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people ought to read this and understand this side of the story. It’s surprising you aren’t more popular because you definitely possess the gift.

    1. Thank you SO much for your visit to my blog and the compliments too (blushing!) 🙂 I must admit, I hadn’t done too many blog entries because of the reason I like an issue to be complete when I present it. However, I am also realizing the nature of a blog is incomplete in itself, a process and a journey rather than a completed destination! I need to empty out my head a bit more at some point because (as you can imagine) there is a bunch of stuff rolling around in there! You are awesome! 🙂

  15. Hello Lisa,

    Got so many ideas from this post which made me double check my own. I haven’t heard about herbal CBCP yet, not until I encountered your site. The insights from readers were quite worth reading too.

    Will bookmark your site and I’ll come back to check your other posts.

    1. Sounds similar to the stoneseed method but works instantly?….i don’t know, if it’s too good to be true it usually is! i couldn’t find anything other sales on the internet and no ingredients??? Lovely Website by the way ! I have never been on any hormonal contraceptive(nor plan to be) i was thinking of taking QAL daily as i have a regular cycle but….sigh trials trials trials!

      1. Hi Dina, thanks for stopping by! I understand that using Stoneseed requires some 6 months of cold-water infusion for permanent results, not quite sure of the dosage but I would not work with that unless I was working with someone more knowledgeable than myself! Actually, I am not selling anything here, and for the most part neither are others. We know how to identify the plant(s) in our region that can be used in a particular way that deals with contraceptive use, and we harvest our own via organic cultivation or unsprayed wildcrafting. In my humble opinion, I have been on this system above since 2006 (so that is 6 years now) and not had even one problem. To me, the pharmaceutical birth control pills are much more unsafe!

        I may mention NOT to take QAL daily, as that can inspire pregnancy. The way I take it is laid out specifically in this article, and others have laid out the way they use it in other sources that are linked in this article. No matter how many trials happen, deciding to use these methods is a very individual thing, and I want women to know about this availability – if they are ready to shift their paradigm, because changing our viewpoint on how our bodies work and how herbal medicines can assist us in our contraceptive goals really is pretty life-changing.

        I will also mention that it is ideal to create a relationship with the plant(s) you use, so they will help you – and that is something you cannot do with chemical varieties of medicines, which are designed to be suppressive regardless of the body (and thus the side effects worsen as well). Also? The people I have known to get pregnant with proper use of the herbs were not clear enough in their intention, which I also address early on in this article. In other words, that is part of the system, you cannot count on the herb use alone, they only assist your goals. I realize this is not for everyone but I have found it to be one of the best things I ever did – wished I knew about this when I was younger!

      2. Oh yes! i read about Stoneseeds 6 Month cold infusion! what i don’t understand is are you infusing it for 6 months then drink? or drinking a daily dose of the infusion for 6 months? it’s something i’m looking into cause i am quite sure i do not want children!! B-cap has Interesting Ingredients , i read up on them and seems they have done some research o some of them in terms of birth control but some were used in male animals for testing? I might give it a try.

        Yes from more research i see taking QAL daily might be counter productive! though i read somewhere (trying to remember the blog) where a woman says shes had success using just that method?

        Oh i know no one is selling anything sorry if it seems like i implied that! infact your post here has given me hope!* i have been abstinent after having an abortion last year :'(* but that is because

        a. Am allergic to all forms of Condoms(believe me i have tried them all)
        b. Once took the pill and the morning after pill and good Goddess!! my body felt like it was alien!! no way
        c.considered Tubal Ligation but heard bout the early onset of Menopause, besides too invasive!

        d. I am moving away from synthetic stuff(like the daily things advil, tylenol etc) even in food and cosmetic so it only makes sense that my birth control be on that level too!

        Would taking QAL as a morning after during fertile times be a good idea? I am about to purchase Lady comp to chart my Basal temp and i heard its quite good! anyone tried it? here’s the link

        Sorry for the overly long reply ^_^

        Thanks so much for all your help!

      3. Just as a matter of common sense, a water infusion that would be 6 months old would most likely be spoiled! So I think it would be the latter. However, this is an area I am not familiar. I had begun research on this, and what you may do is find a local herbalist who has worked with the type of stoneseed near you and come up with a plan. If you are as sensitive as mentioned above, you really don’t want to go through other undesired effects if you can avoid it. Also, research Susun Weed’s forum to see if any knowledgeable people there. I had been unsuccessful this far and while I would love entertaining this option myself, I found a system that works for me without harm to me and while I live here, it works. I haven’t given up though!
        As for QAL use, please read deeply on this, including Sister Zeus and Robin Rose Bennett’s material (including her report) before implenting. I am lucky in that after I read the materials, my dowsing took over to fine-tune (but I needed to know the right questions, right?) Above (I believe in the Tansy section), you will find a link for “other learning sources” which happens to be an entire book on ScribD – it has everything! It is even available for purchase with Amazon if reading it on ScribD is too bothersome – MANY plants discussed there! Also? What area of the country do you live in? I wanted to research a Latin-American composite family plant further, and discovered it can grow in the Southwest generally – but I have yet to find any USA herbalists using it (but I wonder how many cunanderas know of this – and they are hard to find!) 😉 Dina, I utterly applaud your efforts and feel you are ready to embark on this venture – but I am sensing you may need a little more support, and I hope you put the message out there that the right person comes forward for you (I am guessing you are not in Western MT, right?) 😉
        I have heard of LadyComp, someone else in the comments thread mentioned that here, and some women that have a fairly regular cycle can even use CycleBeads. If you can use herbs like red raspberry leaf and liver-type herbs to balance the cycle further, this could be a great method (it doesn’t work for me because my cycle is too fast, and I am one of those that menstruate as soon as I am around menstruating women for even a few hours, despite my usual schedule, argh!) 😉
        You may wish to do a releasing ritual if you haven’t already done so for the soul that might have now been in the physical world with you at this time. I am sure you can find a variety of ways to release. Flower essences can help, from Rescue Remedy to Star of Bethlehem and even Walnut. You may also ask for more knowledge of setting intention with your body too – if you are this sensitive, I find this method works really well, since you feel every little thing. That actually HELPS when you are going au natural with contraception – paying attention to this is really important since most people are rather disconnected from their bodies (some incredibly so, especially if they have lots of chemicals or inorganic minerals/metals in their system that block sensation). I am rooting for you! I look forward to hear what part of the country you live in! 😉

      4. Thanks soo much for your time and answers!! its so great to get such great support(you never know you need it till you get it :)). Will keep in touch to let you know how things are coming around 😀

  16. the last thing i wanted was to get pregnant yet here i am again. i wish i could reate to your comment of controlling pregnancy by our intention, but that is not my reality whatsoever and now i am scrabbling to find an herbal abortant.

    1. Oh Lyna, are you already a member of either Susun Weed’s forum or Sister Zeus’ yahoogroup? Please join because I know there are people who want to help you there! You do not mention what you have already done toward this end, and how far you are along – different things work for different times/people. Also – PLEASE read this book, even if you must do it online: as there is a lot of good info in here!

    2. That’s because you can’t. Listen, let me try to explain this all another way.

      What satyendradhariwal and Lisa said still implies that my girlfriend’s date rape was her own fault, sort of. It implies that she attracted that negative result, which is simply not true. Everyone is responsible for their own actions, therefore, the perpetrator in this situation simply made a decision to take advantage of someone who trusted him. That’s it. Nothing more.

      The only things that you can control are things you put work into or have a direct impact on. For example, if I want a new car, *visualization* of the end goal does help get me to that new car, but the ultimate driving force is the work I put into achieving that goal. So to visualize the result is a good motivator, sure, but in no way does it command the universe to help get you something. It’s simply the work you put into it all. Things like “I hope I’m not pregnant” do not influence the outcome of a situation. These types of things are not within our ability to manipulate, because you cannot put work into or have a direct impact on it (except for, to cite the above example, plan your sexual intercourse to accommodate your natural ovulation, which is a result of the natural world).

      Allow me to elaborate. You were born in the belly of a star. Every living thing is composed of the same essential building blocks. These building blocks came together through chaotic interactions to create different, varying life forms. By constructing themselves in different combinations, they created all the life forms we know and interact with daily. This is sometimes referred to as the chaos theory. “Ordo ab chao” or “Out of chaos, comes order.” Now, don’t you think it’s a bit naive and selfish to think that we have control over something that essentially boils down to chaotic interactions? You cannot control chaos, rather, chaos controls you.

      That said, do I think we have a connection with other life forms and the universe as a whole? Of course we do. Again, everything in existence is comprised of the same basic building blocks. So yeah, we can have spiritual connections with plants, animals, etc… And it’s man’s selfish, ignorant, and despotic treatment of nature that has created this disconnect, this huge gap between us and the natural world. That’s why you see things like cancer, new autoimmune diseases popping up all over, depression, anxiety, the list goes on. All these things because we are at a disconnect with the natural world. Man likes to think he is above the natural world, but this isn’t true. We are all one symbiotic system, we rely on each other, but we cannot control the basic chaotic interactions that link us with the earth and one another.

      Another example. Say everyone in the U.S. knew about the ‘law of attraction,’ and since they knew about it, they all put it to use visualizing and end result of large sums of money. Everyone wants to be rich, right? If not for material reasons, most people would just want the comfort of knowing they were financially secure. This is where the ‘law of attraction’ would fail, because there’s actually not enough money for all the citizens to be rich. You see, our monetary system (and most other monetary systems) is based on something called ‘fractional reserve banking.’ If you care to look, you’ll find many definitions of this phrase online. But put simply, this system is equivalent to slavery. Debt is built into the system in order to keep people working to pay off money to someone else. One analogy is a game of musical chairs. At the end of the game, someone is left out of a seat. At the end of the day, someone is left without the money they need to pay back their loans. And if you think you don’t owe someone money, think again. You have to buy food, clothes, gasoline, etc… (unless you ride a bike and live on land where you’re completely self sufficient, but you would still have to buy the bike or the materials to make the bike). So you always owe someone money. The system lives off debt. It creates the debt to continue surviving. If every single debt was paid off, there would be no money in circulation. If you want a good overview of how all this works, look up a film called “Zeitgeist: Addendum” on the internet. The opening chapter of that film describes the monetary system in great, easy to understand detail. Well what does that have to do with the law of attraction? Well, like I said above, under the current system, there would never be enough money to go around and make everyone rich, even if they all wished as hard as they could for loads of money.

      And for the record, I wasn’t citing Wikipedia as the ultimate answer. I was simply using that as one example of a logical explanation and some logical questions that undermine the law of attraction.

      With all that said, I joined the Yahoo group and I think we are going to try the neem method described by Haunted Fox (I think that was her username). It seems easy and efficient. I’m also planning on taking neem leaf tablets myself to hopefully make things super effective. I still don’t really know a good dosage on the neem leaf tablets, but I think I saw it referenced somewhere that one 500mg pill 3 times daily was a good dose. Not sure if there’s any 500mg pills around, but the standard neem leaf pills I found are all 480mg I think. I’ll possibly report back here in a few months to let everyone know how this works out, and I may even post in the Yahoo group. Just lurking there for now, lol. 😉

      1. Thank you once again Tristan (and I went through and corrected the spelling of your name where it has been needed, if I missed anywhere, let me know). I quite agree with you on many things you have brought up here. But I happen to see some things in a different way – and honestly, that is OK. I think both of us are expressing our truth, and there is worth in that!

        It seems that the part that you do not agree with could be summarized as follows:

        When an event “happens to us,” you are saying you take the position that we do not have any energetic imprint within our bodies beforehand that attracted that experience. It is instead based entirely on “chaos” which has no pattern and no warning.

        I disagree.

        Just because we are not paying attention doesn’t mean we can prove its non-existence.

        I think most humans are absolutely riddled with imprints from every kind of trauma. We are born into it, from ancestors and from past lives if you believe in those (and heck, birth itself is a huge trauma). We CHOSE to be a human, and we even chose which human body to embody, and that means our parents, our family, our environment – everything, and that also means we as souls chose by default our trauma imprints, which then attract traumas to happen, which then provides opportunity for learning – and for healing – or attracts more incidents of trauma until we figure out that we have an imprint that attracts these experiences.

        No, we do not *consciously* choose hardship of any type. But on a spiritual or soul level, we do choose the type of hardships that can (and do) happen to us to learn – and hopefully in the process, we decide to heal, and we become better souls. Then, when many people improve their souls, it raises the whole of humanity spiritually.

        Now, we are not “fated” to continue to carry the imprint if we (a) are made aware of such imprint, and then (b) do the work to dissolve the imprint and send that energy to the Source (God, Universe) for transformation. THAT is the whole idea!

        By the way, I think there is tremendous natural order, and chaos is a part of that order and there is motion (flow) between these. I agree that humans are quite disconnected from this – but I think about WHY? Again, I think we are learning about disharmony. This is not a bad thing by itself, and perhaps would allow us to appreciate harmony much more, especially if we work toward that! Harmony and balance with nature starts with ourselves, which is the hardest thing to do – but once that happens, we then attract others who are balanced, as well as events that are more balanced. Each time we heal, we attract more healing, more love, more desirable experiences. This is a lifelong process, and as you can imagine, quite an unlearning of what is thrust upon us at birth.

        I am well aware of the so-called monetary system and its flaws. So the first thing we need to figure out is what IS wealth? Then if we do not wish to support this system of wealth, we do something different. Yes, it is easier said than done. However, I think knowing how it works is the first step to regaining our own autonomy. Everyone will have different ways of doing that because everyone is different. By the way, Zeitgeist brings up many good points, but I do not like their end-solution of forcing everyone to contribute to others. This has failed humanity time and again and will continue to do so. Enough of politics 🙂

        The levels of responsibility are only toward what we think and do, and what others think and do are their responsibility. So if you are thinking that responsibility goes to your girlfriend for the perpetrator’s actions, that is not what I said or meant. The responsibility of your girlfriend is to heal this trauma, as well as remove the original imprint so that this will not repeat. The responsibility of the perpetrator is also to heal his past trauma, AND if he chose and continues to choose to perpetuate, to “pay” for his actions. I realize that while our systems of punishment do some things, there is certainly no system in place to help them release and heal trauma – we don’t even do this for the victims very well in my viewpoint. May I also mention that such person would also need to CHOOSE to release their traumas and I think if the tools were more readily available, I think most would.

        Thank you for expressing yourself here Tristan! I meant it when I said that I wish you and your girlfriend all the loving healing in the world, on every level! 🙂

  17. Hi Lisa, thank you for such an informative post! I have a two year old who I am still breastfeeding; is the liver cleanse safe to do while breastfeeding?

    1. Hello Beth, thanks for stopping by the page! Since the cleanse formula here has mostly what could be considered food herbs, which nourish as well as help release toxin and imbalance, I think it would be really safe. Burdock is actually sold as a vegetable and tastes rather good actually. Go easier on the berberines (i.e. Oregon Grape Root, Barberry, etcetera) and higher on the food types to stay safe! I realize I ask you to blend in raw unprocessed honey (hopefully local to your area) which should also help provide extra nourishment for the baby. Keep your vitamin and mineral content high – look into Susun Weed’s book for excellent herb choices and use the ones that are right for you. I personally like Nettle, Red Raspberry Leaf and Oatstraw, and some Red Clover and Comfrey – but Comfrey is not right for everyone. Please go to the right-hand column here and find the “Comfrey” information that are links that open a new page so you can decide for yourself if you are the right type to use Comfrey, and in what form, how much, how often, etcetera. Thanks Beth for coming by, it is so appreciated!

  18. Omg, love this! I knew there had to be natural ways. Sex has always been a bit of a challenge. Part of me wants to hold on to a belief that sex should only be for making babies. But with what I’ve learned recently, and like you stated “the power of intention” as well as available plants for control, I really can see now that it can be used as a tool to amplify energy and direct creative energies. I’ve already bookmarked this page and plan on trying this stuff out. I definitely want to get to know my body and maybe start to learn why I have such irregular periods or maybe they aren’t or won’t be when awareness is brought to it lol. Time to reconnect with the celestial bodies, my body, and the herbs and plants around me 🙂 ringing cedars fan!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Kokonutlime 🙂 Yes, I know what you mean as far as our belief systems with sex i.e. only for making babies, I think this is conditioning that benefited the collective (be it church or government) but not necessarily the individual (and in this case, I mean a couple too). However, it does take some work to unlearn this conditioning but I do believe it can be done. Enlisting in help from the plant kingdom is also a good way to supplement the energy work of this process – but I can see why some people would not want to rely on this alone. They may not have the time or patience to deal with it, and for those people, perhaps other methods are OK (i.e. surgery, chemicals, etc.). I guess I am just stubborn enough to work it out, down to the core and wanted others to know it could be done too. I hope you explore the book (linked on ScribD in this post) as well as the forums. Knowing others that have conquered their needs in these ways is empowering too 🙂

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this Lisa! I am totally fascinated by herbal birth control means. Modern medicine fascinates me as well, hoewver, I was more curious to learn about herbal means because I knew they existed! After all, our wondrously strong ancestors had to use something! The breakdown of your plan is wonderfully helpful, as well as all the external links. Sister Zeus is a rockstar site of information. I feel empowered, ready to keep learning, and more connected to myself than ever! 🙂

    1. Oh you are SO welcome Sarai! 🙂 Don’t miss that ScribD book link either, OMG – SO much material in there! While I would still like to do more research on other herbs for contraceptive uses (that means figure out if they are right for me and use them myself!), I felt this was a good start. It takes a lot of viewpoint change when doing something like this, but I honestly think many women ARE ready for this shift! I felt that people need to know this and the more I can bring attention to herbal and natural contraception, the better! HURRAY! Keep us posted on your progress and I will stay tuned for your own blog post!

      1. If you missed that ScribD link – here it is! Brace yourself! 🙂

  20. Okay, I’m a male and just skimmed through this post, as my girlfriend and I are looking for more natural methods of contraception. But then I got to the part referencing “The Secret.” If you wish to be more credible, you won’t reference things like this. This is pseudo-science and should be treated as such. It’s a misrepresentation of years of research in quantum physics and neuroscience. I’m all for a closer relationship with the natural world, in fact, I think it’s imperative if mankind is going to survive as a species. But theories such as that are irresponsible. Think of it this way, if a person constantly has positive thoughts toward something they want, some kind of goal, then naturally they will work toward that goal whether they are aware of it or not. If a person constantly focuses on the negative in their life, then naturally they will sink into depression and never see any desires come to fruition.

    Please understand I’m not attacking you or this post in any way, and I plan on reading through the rest of it as well. I think the natural world has and will continue to give us everything we need to remain healthy and strong, so your info on these plants and natural remedies is helpful, especially since info like this could destroy billions of dollars worth of pharmaceutical revenue. It is imperative, however, that we find a good balance between science and the natural world. After all, science is the natural world and would not be possible without it.

    If you are interested, here is a good video which will introduce you to the theories and science behind books like “The Secret.” I did not make this video. This is not a personal promotion in any way, but it is highly recommended and you would do well to watch it at least once.

    That said, does anyone have any info solid info on correct dosages of neem seed oil or leaf for myself, and reliable methods of usage for my female counterpart? I’ve found countless references to the oil as a spermicide and leaf pills as an oral spermicide for males, but I’m having trouble finding reliable info on dosages, methods of female utilization, etc… Forgive me if you’ve referenced this further along in your post, as I said I haven’t finished reading it yet. And thank you for taking the time to post this at all. It’s much appreciated. 🙂

    1. Typo: *solid info

      Also, “female counterpart” doesn’t sound very nice. Forgive my choice of words there. 🙂

    2. Hi Tristan! So glad you found this and I am indeed happy you are considering alternatives that are more in line with nature for birth control! While I value your position on the movie, the Secret, I do not think it is incorrect. Overly simplified perhaps, but it is not fake or false. It is absolutely true that we attract our experiences, and to claim this isn’t the case is to me more irresponsible than to brush over this subject just to make people feel better. However, the movie in my eyes was for beginners in the way that energy works. While it touched on the fact that we also need to deal with experiences we had attracted to ourselves prior and reaping those consequences, I do not believe it went in-depth enough for how DEEP our choices go – but then it might be a 10-hour long movie!

      It takes years to undo past programming, not just from the lifetime that we have lived this far in our current bodies, but also from the choices our ancestors made, which if we count 7 generations back (as the Bible had done when it says we perpetuate our choices for 7 generations), that means 64 ancestors with THEIR life experiences, traumas and mis-learnings. And if you believe in such things, this can also resonate with traumas and bad choices in our past lives!

      This is one heck of a lot of stuff to think it will all disappear by changing our mind! But I will admit the healing process STARTS with changing our mind. We still need to do the work by untangling the consequences of our prior choices, which is not always easy, and I thought that was shown pretty well. We need the courage to take the first step, regardless of the onslaught of “cleansing reactions” that will inevitably take place when we decide to change our direction, as the momentum to continue the same patterns is very strong (and it could be argued that this is the very reason why in nature that homeostasis is such a strong force of survival).

      This is not a bad thing on its own – and honestly, on the level of what is determined as being science nowadays, it seems to me like it is a power struggle between those who wish to create a theory (right or wrong) that will fill their bank account (even at the harm of others), rather than being actual true science. To me, this makes much of science at this time no better (or worse) than religion, and is indeed its own belief system. If we are to truly learn anything, it seems we need to try everything out for ourselves, and even then leave much room for many possibilities 🙂

      Now to address your issue of dosages: Honestly, pharmaceuticals are engineered to make the same dosage apply for everyone. The reason for this is everyone has different levels of “vital force” and the dosage MUST override the absolute highest expression of vital force available in a human (regardless of other consequences, often called side-effects) before it is approved as a drug, with its then-discovered across-the-board dosage levels. This is not the way of herbs. Herbs work with our vitality, and also with our conscious choice, as well as having a relationship with the herb and our body. So can you see how everyone would need totally different dosages? It isn’t just because of their weight and size, but also their ability to know themselves, know without a doubt their desire, have a “relationship” or “dialog” with the herb(s) worked with (by this, I mean connecting with the spirit of that plant), and to build trust in themselves and the assistance of the herbs. This varies WIDELY!

      So myself? I tend to use a pendulum to dowse for this because for me, it is the best way I know of to measure the person, the herb, and the relationship between them (and perhaps I am also a part of that relationship). This might be one of the reason(s) you don’t find much information about dosages. Still – it could be a good idea for a base-line space to work with, but I wish to convey (a) unlike pharmaceuticals, the dosage levels that work as well as the time of repeat, etcetera can be wildly different, and (b) Most of the time, herbs are quite a bit less poisonous than pharmaceuticals (not to mention they once had natural life force, rather than being invented in a test tube), so there can be a wider range of “error” and they would still work and still be safe. If you wish to find out what others have done for a baseline, particularly with Neem, you may wish to look at the Sister Zeus yahoogroup since many participants talk about what works for them, and how they do it, right down to how much the dosage is, how often, etcetera. The link is above and it seems you already found her website and it is easy enough to find her yahoogroup from there! I really hope this helps, and I thank you once again for stopping by! I wish you the VERY best in your search and hope I played a positive role 🙂

  21. First of all, let me share some things with you, because no matter how much people wish, the ‘law of attraction’ taught in “The Secret” is not true. Here are some things to confirm that.

    From Wikipedia:

    The Law of Attraction has been popularized in recent years by books and films such as The Secret. This film and the subsequent book use interviews with New Thought authors and speakers to explain the principles of an alleged metaphysical law that one can attract anything that one thinks about consistently. Writing for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, Mary Carmichael and Ben Radford wrote that “neither the film nor the book has any basis in scientific reality”, and that its premise contains “an ugly flipside: if you have an accident or disease, it’s your fault.” They asked, “If an airplane crashes, does that mean that one or more of the passengers brought that on himself? Do soldiers killed in Iraq simply not think enough positive thoughts?”

    Others have questioned the references to modern scientific theory, and have maintained, for example, that the law of attraction misrepresents the electrical activity of brainwaves.[19] Victor Stenger and Leon Lederman are critical of attempts to use quantum mysticism to bridge any unexplained or seemingly implausible effects, believing these to be traits of modern pseudoscience. Writing in the New York Times, Virginia Heffernan characterised The Secret as “a series of misquotations … and fraudulent maxims” that nonetheless “takes [her] to a happy place.”

    Secondly, read this:

    Please read that website in its entirety. The man who wrote it is one who associates with the ‘New Age’ movement, yet he clearly demonstrates that the ‘law of attraction’ is false.

    Theories such as the ‘law of attraction’ have been around for centuries, and they’ve recently made a resurgence due to movies such as “The Secret” and recent discoveries in quantum mechanics.

    Again, please read the link I provided before reading the rest of this comment, for I have my own story to share.

    Shortly after my girlfriend and I started dating, she went over to a friend’s house to hang out, play some games, have a few drinks, etc. This friend is a male, one who has read the book “The Secret.” My girlfriend had been to his house a few times and had no reason not to trust him. After a few drinks, he asked her if she would like to take a muscle relaxer, one which she had taken at his house before. (Personally, I don’t condone the recreational use of pharmaceuticals, but she will occasionally take one when offered). Again, having had a few drinks and no reason not to trust this person, she took the pill, not realizing it wasn’t the same one he had given her on a previous occasion. In fact, the pill was Rohypnol, the most common date-rape drug. It wasn’t long before the pill set in, and combined with the alcohol, she was completely out of her mind. He then proceeded to date rape her. Now, according to the ‘law of attraction’, everything you do creates your reality. It should follow that my girlfriend had intentions of being taken advantage of, that she had thoughts of this nature all along and therefore ‘created’ this reality and the corresponding result. That’s bullshit. Absolutely nobody would wish that upon themselves. Nobody. Also, according to the ‘law of attraction’, this “friend” would have to have created this reality in his mind, so in other words, he wanted to take advantage of her. Or at the very least, he wanted her, and this is how his desires manifested? What kind of person does that? And what kind of just and fair universe allows that kind of result, regardless of a person’s desires? Lastly, if it was his desire to take advantage of her, that was his want according to the ‘law of attraction’, but her desire was not to be taken advantage of, wouldn’t both of their mental desires cancel each other out? Simply put, according to the ‘law of attraction’, my girlfriend’s rape was her own fault. And that is completely and utterly wrong. It’s irresponsible to put the blame on someone who is clearly a victim. So please, all I’m asking is that you choose your words carefully and make wise decisions about the information you choose to promote on your website. After all, it’s mostly women who visit this site I’m assuming, you don’t want them to walk away thinking that if some horrendously bad thing happens to them (such as being raped) that it’s their fault, do you? Would you think that of yourself if it happened to you?

    And one other simple example: say I was walking down the street in NYC, having nothing but happy and positive thoughts. But wait! A thief is on the run, and the police are desperately chasing him down. He fires a gun, and they have no choice but to shoot at him in the open air. A stray bullet goes right through my chest. Do you think, for any reason, that I wished that upon myself, that I had any thoughts pertaining whatsoever to a bullet going through my chest? I don’t think so.

    That said, thank you for the yahoo group recommendation. I will be looking there for some more info.

    1. Hello Tristan,
      (Note; I don’t have much command over English so please…….)
      I want to tell you something that everything that has a name in this world, has parts of it that can be untrue, but there should be some truth in that. I haven’t read or watch the secret, i have only heard about law of attraction. Don’t rely on any website which claims something true or false. Now note this,,,,,,,whatever you are saying is true and whatever ‘The Secret’ is saying is also true. how much percent, i don’t know.
      Thoughts have powers of creating reality and it’s true. Today’s science is nothing in front of old sciences thousand/millions of years back. Even we don’t have record of the oldest civilisations. This world is full of secrets, surprises… we haven’t tracked the oldest civilisations yet.

      In case of your girlfriend i must tell you that no thought will manifest at once/immediately, it takes time. maybe your girlfriend have this kind of fear from long by anybody. I am not saying that this is the only case but i am giving the answer of your question. You are looking at only one side of the coin. there are many people who believes a thing and at the same time there are also people who doesn’t believe in that thing. Remember you only get what you believe but this is not a universal truth, luck is also there. (I am sorry i have to go for some work immediately otherwise i am in a mood to write much more, i will write it tomorrow or some other day but before going here is the conclusion and truth LIFE= YOUR THEORY+SO CALLED LAW OF ATTRACTION)


      1. Thank you Tristan – Thank you Satyendra! I am sorry I hadn’t yet responded to your most recent post Tristan, but I will do my best now. While Satyendra expresses some core principals that I also think are true, I would maybe communicate them differently (and perhaps it is due to our diverse backgrounds). Tristan, I do not believe that Wikipedia or almost anyone/anything else can have complete authority over what one actually experiences. That being said, I suppose it is also very important to discuss the framework of interpretation of experience because that can be VERY different. Some people will see only the physical results in the world, and these things are rightly noted observationally. But the realm of emotional, mental, and psychological energies that are present during these physical results? The scope is nearly endless. Like Satyendra, I tend to value BOTH types of experience. I do not wish to ignore the physical world, and in many ways, it is a reflection of the energetic world(s), where I think of the phrase, “As Above, So Below.” It is not a good idea to get deluded from what is in front of you, that is for sure! But who am I or anyone else to say that how one experiences the physical event is right or wrong? What I have seen is that our past experiences DO shape our interpretation. Let me specify that by the past experiences, I am also considering a much wider scope, which includes ancestors’ experiences (seven generations bring that up to 64 minimum – and to think we can carry, or inherit, their traumas, experiences and patterning just as we can inherit blue or brown eyes). If your belief system is open, you can also consider the past experiences of your soul’s past lives as well, which can be many.

        Before I go further, let me please extend my deepest wishes for your girlfriend’s complete healing to become a reality! That had to be traumatic, no matter what conflict our belief systems may have. No one would EVER choose these types of events consciously! But if we do not clear all of our past traumas from our bodies (every layer: energetic and physical), these imprints act as a magnet to bring experience to us that just happens to energetically match the imprint. We must become aware of our imprints, and then remove them in order to not attract the type of experiences that naturally would come to them (thereby us). Had the incident not occurred, she may have never known that there were imprint(s) to clear. We can heal a few of these ourselves, but I have noticed that we need others with the same imprint (any expression, positive or negative of that imprint) to “activate” the release process for all parties involved, not just the recipient of the trauma. Even the perpetrator of trauma is ALWAYS a recipient in some way first. No, it isn’t “right” for them to perpetuate trauma, I agree. But do not believe for a minute that he who created this heinous act is not suffering as well. BOTH need healing.

        Now here is where the recipient actually is in a better state of choice than the perpetrator. While that doesn’t make logical sense, please follow me for a moment. At one time in the past, the perpetrator was in the same space as your girlfriend, as the recipient (with another perpetrator, of which THEY were at one time a recipient – do you see how far this can go?) Once you become a perpetrator, you have closed more opportunities for healing, which you could see makes the cycle more entrenched and is harder to correct – that is, if the person even sees the issue; they are usually too blinded by emotion and no matter how much they get back at the world, the result is: there they are with the imprint and now even less options for healing due to their choice to be blindly reactive rather than to properly respond.

        So, if your girlfriend were to become a perpetrator in some fashion, by that subconscious choice, she would also have less access to the Universe for healing. BUT! She does not have to perpetuate the cycle! She can END it! She can find healing and know love once more and be restored to original form and that love would continue to heal everyone she encounters! How beautiful is THAT??

        Do you know how powerful you need to be to end non-beneficial cycles in order to create new, loving cycles? Seriously! It is equivalent to stopping a runaway train with your arm! Nature has built-in a huge “status quo” energy called “homeostasis” which keeps things running along, even with damage. Sometimes this energy is good, since we do want many things to be automatic. If you were making LOTS of money, you would likely want that system to remain automatic, right? So, I say: create ways to make our energies of manifestation on Earth work FOR you, rather than against you. And, it is much easier said than done, since multiple layers of our conditioning often does not teach us how to do this naturally!

        I may continue if I think of other things, but I will conclude for now by saying this: I am energetically aware that our planet Earth is increasing its vibration at this time, which has been calling ALL of us to raise and match it, or else to stay in the old one and eventually perish due to the discord. The mineral, plant and animal kingdoms will automatically shift to this vibration due to their nature of being in-tune with Earth. For humans, this is a choice, since humans were gifted (cursed?) with being able to make this choice. I think that this energy can be seen as one expression of what Satyendra would call “luck” because I have seen my numerous friends and clients who are “awake” and on their true path embracing this healing opportunity, releasing TONS of old trauma patterns all at once, which then allows love to flow in generous amounts to be integrated fully into our physical bodies. I can also tell you that transition, while refreshing in many ways, can be somewhat painful as well. Any big energy shift will have what I think of as “cleansing reactions” which are events that follow the healing that create great discomfort in our lives – but only for a short time. We need to think of this as “remodeling” ourselves, and anyone that has ever went through an experience of remodeling a building (especially if they live there) will know what I mean by this! Deal with the temporary pain for now in order to have an amazing structure that will meet your needs later. This is the proper meaning of sacrifice, since there is a benefit that comes afterward. Through this process, all who embrace this healing are becoming “lighter” and less dense, more loving, more in the flow, and less of struggle and resistance. Thank you for letting me ramble a bit!

  22. Hi everyone. I feel Cotton root is one to consider. My understanding is that its primary mode of action is to prevent implantation (if one has sex around ovulation time) and is similar in action to Queen Anne’s. I use this in tincture form from Herb Pharm and in a very low dose because of its toxicity and strength. It is important that only organic cotton is taken because this is a crop that is heavy sprayed with chemicals. I use this in combination with neem oil and the FemCap, a newer type of barrier method that does not interfere with pleasure.

    1. What an awesome choice you made Sara! Thanks so much for sharing – and I have heard from knowledgeable others that indeed, organic Cotton Root Bark tincture is a good choice to look and see if it is right for your individual situation.

  23. *We CHOSE to be a human, and we even chose which human body to embody*

    This is interesting, because I think we didn’t choose to be human. We didn’t choose to be brought into this world. However, and this is of course all speculation, there could be a middle ground here.

    Like I stated earlier, we are all made up of the same basic elements. And these elements, based on our observations, seem to be chaotic in their interactions. But let’s consider for a moment that they aren’t exactly as chaotic as they look. What if these elements are completely ‘self-aware?’ If that is the case, then it would be perfectly reasonable to assume that a larger creation based on these ‘self-aware’ building blocks could command control over them if they too were ‘self-aware.’ So in other words, should one come to a point of being so completely self aware, so in tune with the elements that created one, it’s theoretically possible to manipulate other life forms one is connected with, visible or invisible.

    However, the problem is most people have never even heard the term self aware, much less know what it means. Based on that alone, events in their life are still rooted in chaos, or so it would seem, over which they have no control. The only thing to counter that would be recent discoveries in neurological science. Brain scans have shown that events trigger reactions in the brain before we are even aware of or experience the corresponding emotions (which would almost lead one to think everything is predisposed to a certain outcome? Similar to the old phrase ‘everything happens for a reason?’)

    I’m going to post this video link again, even though I’ve posted it in a previous comment. It’s important information. It uses to neuroscience and quantum mechanics to advocate self observation, the ultimate goal of course being self awareness. It’s fairly short, and highly recommended to anyone interested. Below is the follow up video as well, which is even shorter, like 10 minutes.

    If you want my honest opinion, I think the answer lies somewhere in a combination of ancient spirituality and modern scientific observation. Like I mentioned in previous comments, science *is* the natural world, it is essentially one way to understand spirituality. One day when humans are far more advanced than we are now, science and spirituality will mold to form one ultimate understanding of the universe and everything that comprises it. Basically, science will define our ‘gods’ and define the spiritual connections we have with our basic building blocks, with plants and animals, with each other, etc… Maybe that sounds crazy, but I don’t think people need to worry about keeping spirituality and science separate. I think they will eventually be one and the same.

    *Zeitgeist brings up many good points, but I do not like their end-solution of forcing everyone to contribute to others. This has failed humanity time and again and will continue to do so.*

    I don’t understand what you mean here. For the record, I don’t think Zeitgeist movement or the Venus Project has all the answers. And I don’t think they actually want to force everyone to contribute to others. In fact, they really just advocate using technology to free us from the bland and mundane, leaving our choices and options wide open. I don’t think anyone has to contribute something that will benefit humanity for the rest of time, but when you take away money, politics, and religion, people will inevitably be free to pursue their own interests, be it art, science, medicine, or what have you. Some will probably create things that are hugely beneficial to society as a whole, such as a new, safe, natural contraceptive (good example, eh? lol). Some might only create things that are relative to their immediate audience, such as a work of art. But the ultimate point I think is to free humanity and the rest will follow.

    At the same time, when has the ultimate goal not been to work for others? Something I’ve always wondered about is that ‘hole’ inside that everyone is always trying to fill. Some fill it with religion, some fill it with science, some fill it with possessions, but none of that ever really works. It’s a constant struggle to fill that void, that emptiness, that longing to know and understand our purpose. But then it hit me. What if we stopped trying to fill that void in ourselves, but instead concentrated on filling the void in others? What if we all dedicated ourselves to the well being of others? (Obviously, you have to do minor things for yourself, eat, sleep, etc…). Wouldn’t that be the ultimate fulfillment? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate goal? Fill the void in others, and in return they’ll fill it in you.

    1. Hello again Tristan! Well, I should have known that Mercury retrograde would throw a monkey wrench in communications! 🙂 No matter what, I am happy that you are looking into natural solutions and think that the yahoogroup will be a wonderful resource for both of you!

      So while we do agree on a few things, it seems our spiritual viewpoints differ in a very core way. Once that core is different, everything that comes from that core would of course also be different. And? I think it is still OK for both of us to have different viewpoints on this! I am really not trying to sway your vision and your truth. I would just ask that I, too, can keep my vision and my truth. Both are valid.

      1. I recently discovered online a wonderful, young spiritual teacher and energy healer, Teal Scott and who herself as a child was ritually tortured and abused for well over a decade. I figure if anyone would understand this energy of perpetrator-victim, it would be her! Yet here I am just floored by her article on the Law of Attraction and Child Abuse: – inspirational indeed!

  24. Thank you Lisa.. After years of being on birth control I like the idea of a herbal program to keep my body in optimal condition. Thank you for this write up.

  25. Herbal medicine is the playfulness of healing. This delight has been relished in since ancient times. The herbs can be more of a catalyst to the greater healing one finds within, a meditation and search for what was lost or what needs replenishing, body and soul.
    In our most recent blog post Susun Weed opens up her series on herbal wisdom for maternal health eloquently with a discovery of an Ancient Birthing Circle and its mysterious powers and hidden gems.
    Herbs can bring one to different states of healing and through understanding their delicacies and complexities, one can utilize them as great tools to add to one’s Midwife Education and enhances skills and experiences previously developed through Midwife Training .
    Healing is easy, it is our recognition of that healing that can be a bit slow.

  26. Hi Lisa, I found you after ridding my body of it’s last chemical hinderance…Implanon, a device I trasitioned to after being on ortho tri cyclen for nearly 10 years – I’ve been on birth control since I began having sex so going off it was a scary step considering my partner and I do not want to conceive! I can now say that I live a 100% organic in lifestyle excluding my car. After being chemically altered for so many years and reading how long it took some women up to a year to regulate their cycles, I thought it was going to take a long time to get back to normal. I’m happy to report that by following your advice on detoxing and hormone regulating teas, I got my period 40 days after removal and am flowing like clockwork now. We’re using QAL along with fertility awareness and cuoldn’t be happier. I too am a Reiki practitioner and a rather magical person and I definitely feel an amplilfication of the intuition and energy flow is more effortless since freeing my uterus! Thank you so much for your help, because of you I am now in control of my fertility without sacrificing my goddess energy.

    1. Oh, I am overjoyed that you found my blog post and indeed, it is meant to empower us all! Good for you that you could clear your system fairly quickly too, that sometimes is not the case for some women. I realize natural/herbal birth control is not for everyone, but for the people who indeed can really direct their light body energy (and that it will match intention at the physical level), this is SUCH a great way to go! You might want to check out the complementary post here, as that could come in handy if for some reason you cannot access your herbs (although I don’t know about you – I make sure I can always get them, even if I have to grow or wildcraft them myself somewhere!) What area do you live in? Do you collect your own QAL seeds or do you have to purchase them? Thank you once again for your visit – it means so much to me! 🙂

      1. Hi Lisa, I actually live in PA where QAL is plentiful but I started out buying the tincture from someone else. I make a lot of tinctures as student herbalist but I’ve just started my first homemade tincture of QAL. Until she’s ready, I’ll be using a supply from a MH in Oregon I met through a friend in nutrition. My partner and I made this decision together and I think it makes a world of difference having our intentions in sync. We’ve let go of the fear of an unwanted pregnancy together as well. I found some of the forbidden zones mentioned in the article to be extremely interesting so I’ll definitely be taking a look at the reflexology article. Thank you so much for all that you do, you are an inspiration and mentor more than you know. Be blessed, Namaste.

    1. Depending on the person, you can try herbs that are detoxing to the colon, as well as helpful for liver and for cleansing or nourishing the blood, or a combination. The liver formula in this post along with nettle helped my case wonderfully. At the very least, look into burdock and yellow dock root, and Dr. Christopher recommended Holy Thistle also known as Blessed Thistle and Red Raspberry Leaf used in strong tea a few times a day.

  27. I am having a lot of trouble on where I can purchase these herbs!! Any suggestions? I need these asap. Thanks!! ♥

    1. Hi Natasha! You do not mention which herb you are seeking but I will assume for the moment you are seeking Queen Anne’s Lace seeds or the seed tincture (Daucus carota). In looking through some of the links I have listed, I found a couple offhand: and and if for some reason they cannot help, check resources at – You can also put a request on these forums: and if you still have trouble. If it is other herbs you seek, please reply OK?

  28. I have five kids and I am now Mon injection. I am 35 yes old and I don’t want any more children. I don’t need any morden family planning. Please help me to find herbs would help me to stay unpregnant for my life time until I reach 50 to 60 yes. Thanks

    1. Hello delly! If you read this post (and the comments) in more detail, you can look more deeply to see what is right for you. Just to be on the safe side – I would not rule out tubal ligation surgery, since you may not have time or not wish to study finding your own herbal protocol. Working with a knowledgeable herbalist is ideal and unfortunately not readily available to everyone. The internet makes information available though, and the next step is finding what is right for you. I shared my process in hopes that others may learn from what I discovered on my own. Thank you, and best to you and yours!

  29. I currently take QAL seed and flower tincture for my birth control, since last fall, and so far so good! I’m interested in making my own tincture though. I see you say to use the “ground seeds.” Can you expand a little on this? Do you grind up the seeds and fill a jar with them, then add vodka? Do you think I can use the whole seed and flowers together? There’s not a lot of info out there about making QAL tincture. Thanks in advance for any info!

    1. Hi Renee! Thanks for stopping by my natural birth control blog post! Yes, I grind the seeds in a coffee grinder (one I use for herbs only as it is easier to clean out in between). While I am not that familiar with the differences of tincturing the flowers versus the seeds, I would think vodka with 40-50% alcohol (80-100 proof) would work well. I bet you can use fresh disassembled flowers, and my guess is you would use half ground seeds and half flowers, by weight? I myself have only used the seeds, although I know of people who have used the fresh flowers when no seeds were available to make tea, so it tells me the flowers could be tinctured in the lower alcohol and do fine. The seeds are kind of resinous which makes the higher alcohol content of a slightly diluted Everclear (with distilled water) better, but I have found that if you have enough time, like months, then vodka can work for both. As with making any tincture, make sure the vodka covers the flowers/ground seeds, and shake it occasionally. If you don’t have time, then perhaps tincture the flowers in vodka in one jar, and the ground seeds in slightly-diluted Everclear in another jar for as long as you can but I think at least 3 weeks to a month would still be best if you can do that. I hope this answers your question, thanks once again!

  30. That is a great tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere.
    Short but very precise info… Thank you for sharing
    this one. A must read post!

  31. Развожу морковь в домашних условиях. хотел бы побольше узнать об этом бизнесе если кто то разводит морковки дома. помогите, какая должна быть температура при выращивание?

    (Via GoogleTranslate: “I breed carrots at home. I would like to learn more about this business if someone throws a carrot at home. help, what should be the temperature for growing?”)

    1. Hi Davidvow! I am sure that domesticated carrot, not WILD carrot, is what you are asking about? I am sorry I cannot help you. Make sure when you are doing search terms, you use “gardening” and “how to grow carrots” and make sure it is the kind that are food you eat. I hope this helps! 🙂

    1. Indeed Averi, although in 2018 I am now menopausal – however, yes, this did not fail once I implemented it. I had some other issues that are different that I am still unraveling and that will be yet another blog post! Thanks for finding me! 🙂 Lisa

  32. Hi there, thank you for this wonderful article! I had unprotected sex during dangerous ovulation period and went home feeling sense of dread. Took a Plan B pill within the 3 day period but pretty close to end of limited time, so I was wondering if I could take tincture of Queen Anne’s lace as an extra precaution when it arrives in the mail on 5/20, about 2-3 days after taking Plan B. Just finished ovulation phase and period won’t come until about June 1.

    1. Hi Sarah! I am not sure about this exact use, so I am hesitant to provide advice, but it might be passed the part of Queen Anne’s lace working too, just from the sound of what you are doing. You may wish to look into different herbal support from herbs that have a quality that will actually work for the timing in your cycle. I would contact an herbal practitioner that is willing to work in conjunction with your doctor/pharmacist so you don’t inadvertently mix things together and create undesired side effects that range from inconvenient to very dangerous. The herbs that are food (example: parsley) are usually safer than those that are not food. Look at the possibilities of Vitamin C in high doses and again, be careful with mixing prescriptions with herbal medicine, and do your research. Best to you! ❤

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