Here’s a fast way to reach Lisa!

Pay me!  My CashApp is $timingmagic.

My Venmo is currently not available since it doesn’t work outside of the USA.  Alternatively, you can use PayPal Business if it is a reading, AND PayPal Friends & Family if it is not business-related.  Thank you!

Please also check out the Consultations and/or Classes links, since those may answer any “frequently-asked questions” (FAQ’s)!  You can also sign up for my Patreon or Book Me with Square!

Have a quick general question about my services?  Do it quickly on Google for Business, and I will answer you!

Email: You can contact me using this form below and I will respond within 2 days, usually within the same day.  The actual Timing Masterplan consultations take place via telephone, Skype, Telegram or other real-time voice-chat platforms.  I can assess what is needed and we can then make arrangements easily this way! 🙂

Appointments: For telephone and Skype consultations, a pre-arranged appointment is needed, and payment prior to consultation received.  I have a 24-hour cancellation policy, and anything shorter than that brings a $25.00 Cancellation Fee.

While my formal telephone office hours are Tuesday-Friday 12Noon to 4pm Pacific Time (and physical office hours vary widely), I often work with schedules of my clients, which is available my contacting me beforehand (email form above), or visit Consultations.

Leave a Voice Mail or Text Message:             858.633.7680 – or – for FASTER response: Message Button me from your smartphone!  (For general questions from your computer, click here instead, or use the email form above).

Thanks so much for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. my best friend isnt talking to me since feb 16th. i was a small arguement but it turned out a big one. i tried to talk 2-3 times in march but she isnt ready to talk fr now. i apologised to her.m not nagging her but its been 3 months now. m much frustrated. m a aquarian bday 11th feb n she a pieces bday 18th march. pls pls tel me wen this will get sorted out..i need help. i m nt able to concentrate…what should i do shal i apologise again or write a letter? will it happen in the venus retrograde?

  2. Hi Lisa! I wish to find out what encompasses Email Consultation with 1-Month Follow-Up service. Please drop me an email.

  3. Hello Lisa, I would like to request an email consultation with flower essences recommended if appropriate. Please let me know when you are able to book me in and how i can pay by paypal. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Many thanks Jennifer

  4. Hey – it’s Movlin from Susun’s website! Just a side note on your really interesting “contraceptive”/ aphrodisiac blog, which I enjoyed. Red clover is a wonderful herb for balancing hormones, along with other benefits, but it is also a serious fertility herb. If you are looking to avoid pregnancy then red clover is not something you want to be taking on a regular basis. I know this not just from studying and working with others but also from personal experience! Best, Mo

    1. Hi Movlin! (Waves like a crazy person haha!) Oh, I love Susun’s work and so happy you stopped by today (and I know Susun is coming out to Montana this summer as well, so exciting!). Yes indeed, Red Clover IS a super-fertility herb and I do not take it every day and I just so happen to mix many of my herbs together so if I do have some Red Clover, it is mixed with many other things and because of that in much smaller proportion. I know Susun is more of a “herbal simples” kind of wise-woman and I really honor that. However, for me, “simple” means I don’t have to think about it because it is already “in there” hehe! For any interested in what Movlin is likely referring to on my blog, the direct links are: and/or the Facial Reflexology Update:

      The herb I posted recently on Susun’s Wise Woman Herbal Birth Control Forum was an herb I am researching, an Ayurvedic herb called Tritulus terrestris, or Puncture Vine. It appears to be mostly used as a male aphrodisiac, with a good level of success (I looked it up on PubMed through the NIH website). I had just seen some notes on Plants for a Future on use as an abortificant herb as well, and wanted to ask around the Southwestern USA herbal community to those who may be familiar with it, since it also so happens to be a noxious weed in California, Arizona, New Mexico and even parts of Texas. I am heading back south this season and thought I would research this before I got there hehe! If you or others know anything about this, please share! Direct link:

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