Services Offered

I (Lisa Allen MH) tend to practice all of my skills simultaneously, easily switching to what is NEEDED by the client so they receive and understand the information they need in the most time-efficient yet the most gentle way!  That being said…

Do you just need a ONE TIME Timing Advice Reading?

1, Message me wherever (Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Email, my FB page, or even Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, cell phone, etcetera if we are already connected there) with your yes/no or timing question/s. 


2. Pay me $22 for first question, $11 for each additional question in the same session – and wait for me to text you back.  No need for an appointment with this!  AND – this is for new AND current customers, so use it again and again until I discontinue this service – take advantage of this while you can!

CashApp work best for this! (Venmo doesn’t work when I am outside of the USA – but luckily I am back).  You can also use PayPal business (or, for whatever reason, if you are a friend and need to reimburse me, I have PayPal personal now too).

(Also available:  More cost-effective services delivered consistently through Patreon, described further below  – and later, Buy Me a Coffee or a Crystal).

If you are ready to fully dive into the deep end of the proverbial sea, healings, visions AND timing – consider booking a session (including Astrology) via my Square online bookings which is

If you prefer, and you have been in touch with me already, I also take Venmo PayPal, and CashApp – links of which are all on my LinkTreeContact me via email or by Facebook Messenger if you choose this option.

AstroHerbalist Lisa Allen MH of Timing Magic providing Timing Confidence as a Timing Specialist
Timing Confidence – My New Offering at only $33/month for Weekly Timing Advice!

A good way to get your feet wet starting to work with me is to catch my FREE and rather random (for now) livestream sessions on Timing Magic YouTube.  (Possibly on Facebook Live as well, but they may not be archived there, as Facebook isn’t friendly for searching). This gives you an opportunity to actually see how I work, even if you watch the replays – but if you happen to be there live, you REALLY feel it!  Tip: Make sure you click “Subscribe” AND for YouTube, click on the NOTIFICATION BELL – because then you will have a better chance of catching me live.  I am in the process of experimentation of the best times to reach MY people, and it will be more predictable as I discover those times.

If you wish to get deeper into the pool because you see how my timing skills can help you navigate – please consider joining my newest and most exciting offering, TIMING CONFIDENCE, my no-brainer introductory pricing at Patreon where you receive personalized support at the level you need that support at an extremely affordable price (starting at $11 month), that you can continue to use as long as you like.  This service is especially for those of you who are intuitive, even psychic/professional, and whose energies are fairly clear and already know what is happening, and yet need assistance with TIMING so life planning becomes much easier!

If you wish to know more about me, my skills, or even my appearances/classes – you can visit those links and then come back here!  You can also contact me if you have questions or to schedule an appointment  I look forward to working with you!  Lisa


Flower Essences:  Available when needed only for premium clients at this time. See the Flower Essences Page for general information.  If anyone is interested in using other brands of Flower Essences, they can instead be purchased at your local health provider, health food store, online via any vendors on the Flower Essences Page.

Herbs:  Before purchasing, see if herbs are readily available to you in your unsprayed yard, local meadows or woods, health food store or local herbal apothecary.  See the Herbalism Page for even more purchasing resources.

Books:  For purchase of the Llewellyn Annuals that feature my articles (by AarTiana or Calantirniel) – visit the Author Page!

Don’t know where to begin?  Start HERE with your Free Gift! 

Thank YOU for your business!  Your results are important to me!

















4 thoughts on “Consultations

  1. Hi Lisa,
    How are you & family doing ? My liver has been constantly doing better thanks so much !
    During the past couple of weeks my heart went into a fib &’last Tuesday my BP was 190/110. Of course the Drs hit me with beta blockers & ace inhibitors. Last night I had an asthma reaction to the beta blockers so I am not taking that for ever again. I have a stress test this Weds. I am also hyper sensitive to hawthorn & other herbs. LOL ! Anyway I was wondering if you are up for another consult ?
    Let me know please.
    Bright Blessings

    1. It is wonderful to see you here Cliff, and to know that your progress after the energetic healing has really helped with your health journey! Yes indeed, we can work together this week! Please look in your email box for setting up a session OK? I cannot wait to help again!

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