Here are some testimonials that came into my email inbox, some of which are very in-depth about the differences their sessions with me made in their lives!  It’s so exciting to help people at such a core level!

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And for those of you considering a session with me, you can certainly check out the below testimonials as well as these links for yourself, to see if I am a good fit for you!

THANK YOU to all of you who believe in yourselves and my help to get you there! 🙂


From my client “A.D.” in San Francisco, CA on May 4, 2013, of which was a rare health-related issue:


“Approximately two weeks ago, I called for prayer support; my body has decided that my platelets (the part of the blood that clots) are enemies, it’s killing them, and I had seriously more than a life threateningly low level of them.  I enlisted the services of Lisa Allen…and she and I spent upwards of two hours developing an herbal formula to turn my platelets around.

“Ten days after the hematologist’s (3rd) determination of extremely low platelets, 8 days after he said it’s okay to begin taking whatever medication my personal doctor prescribed, (which only was for a 3-day stretch), I went back to him to see the results of Lisa’s herbal mastery.

“Okay, here’s a little background on platelet levels:

Normal: 150
Low: 100
Life threatening: 20
Mine: (before Lisa’s herbal formula) 11

Mine: (8 days after Lisa’s herbal formula)–96!!!

“It takes serious medicinal power to make a jump like that happen. My hematologist was shocked to learn that the boost came primarily from herbs.   It’s his own, private lab; he’s not going to deny the scientific proof, generated by his own equipment, that the herbs are working.  His practically dumbfounded response to that information was simply, ‘Well, continue doing what you’re doing, and let’s check things out again in a couple of weeks.’

“Thanks to Lisa, a lot of prayer from a lot of people, (and to my dear, sweet, body), I am pleased to report that I’m decidedly out of imminent danger; and, with that herbal formula, Spirit, and dynamic Love, I’m staying out of that danger. 😀  YAAAAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!”


This testimonial is from “L.A.”  in Northern California, around June 2018, with regard to the timing and pricing of moving from one house to another, wherein it was imperative it was a smooth transition process due to cash flow and other factors:

I really want to explain how you’ve helped me.

“I’m writing to thank you for all your help toward my house selling/buying efforts. We communicated via email this past January and you recommended when I should put my home on the market and for approximately how much. You gave me an anticipated timeline for selling, about how much I could expect to get for the house, and about how soon I would find a new home. You also reminded me of special energetic measures to employ in order to enhance (expedite) the process.

“All in all, you solidified what I had proposed for myself, but lacked confidence. I re-read your email several times as I went through the process to stay on top of things. I’m happy to say you were right on! My agent had a different strategy for listing the house and wanted to start at $400k-$410k. You suggested $465k anticipating a sale price around $475k. I had to place a lot of faith in my agent’s knowledge and experience since mine was so limited. Therefore, it was difficult to challenge her and she’s a tough cookie. Thanks to you, I was able to counter her proposal by requesting a listing of at least $455k. She agreed.

“I buried a St. Joseph statue outside the entrance of my home, invoked his energy, cleansed/blessed the property every day (or at least before/after every showing), did constant manifesting work around attracting the right buyer as well as to find the next right home. I did the staging myself (saving 1% agent’s fee) and otherwise got the house in top show condition. I received four above-listing offers within 3 days of open house and went into contract with the top offer of $510k, no contingencies.

“The same day as my open house, I attended another open house and was captivated by a beautiful home that included nearly everything I manifested; listed at $455k. My agent felt I was in over my head when I asked that she look into it. This was before I knew about the offers on my home. As soon as we got into contract to sell my home, I pressed my agent again for this other house. She acted and a tough negotiation ensued.

“We closed on both properties within 4 days of each other. The new house (ultimately $485k) closed May 29. Within 6 weeks (and a few days but who’s counting) of listing, I sold my home, found a new one, and am 95% moved in to my new/upgraded reality! I am awestruck and very grateful to you, St. Joseph and the Universe.


You’re right up there on my referral list. EmojiEmojiEmoji


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