Psychic Times International Magazine – I am interviewed by GL Giles!

Psychic Times International Magazine – Summer 2009 Issue

I thought I would post something pretty awesome for my first blog post with WordPress, and here it is – for your reading pleasure!

I was interviewed by the ever-awesome Vampire Fiction Author GL Giles for Psychic Times International Magazine, and I even made the cover if you can believe that! It is available for print in Delaware and a couple of surrounding states, but is also available FREE online!   Here is a direct link to the PDF – your computer will need Acrobat Reader to read and enjoy!

I just found out today that ranked as a Top 50 website.  Psychic Times utilizes Issuu’s online magazine services, and they host many thousands of online magazines.  Imagine how EXCITED I was to learn that Psychic Times International Magazine is in their Top 100 right now – in fact, it ranks #66!  WOW!!

You guys are the BEST!!

5 thoughts on “Psychic Times International Magazine – I am interviewed by GL Giles!

  1. I believe the number of sites that make an effort to “grow their supporter base by communication” is usually increasing. Many people jumped into constructing webpages and blogging without seeing the importance of creating a connection with their readers. Like you’ve here, congrats.

  2. Wooo ! You have not mentioned about it. Feeling very happy to have a friend with sooo many qualities ! May God bless u with all true inner knowledge of nature.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting Sona! Yes, I have a lot of experience with nature, both earth and sky haha! And I didn’t mention I was an author for articles in Llewellyn Publications’ annuals to you before (slipped my mind!) 🙂 I am so glad you enjoy my blog!

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