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This Ebook allows anyone with access to the internet and the most basic chart reading skills to read and interpret the meaning of the asteroid Pallas-Athena in their natal astrology chart.  It includes a personal story, as I find that providing examples of deeper experience can help bring meaning and understanding to the seeker.  I have had a few nice emails after downloading describing how thorough and even simple this process is – nice!  Glad you all have enjoyed this work so much!

**Also Coming in Spring 2016:  Free PDF Ebook, Healing Qualities of Flower Essences!  Staying tuned with me will be worth the wait, I promise!

This work so far is rather extensive for a free PDF Ebook and will only be a gift to the Email List for a short time – thereafter for sale!  So far there are 63 flowers and more are being added – many of which have not been discussed in this way before, and I am so excited to share!

FREE Flower Essences PDF Ebook Coming SOON! Sign up!

Also see the Flower Essences Page for some wonderful resources!  Thank you for staying updated with me and my products/services – it is so very appreciated!

13 thoughts on “FREE Updates!

  1. I would like to start receiving your news letters I found your blog on working on the lips and nose before and after sex fascinating, lol. Thank you for sharing your information.

    1. Hi Helena! Oh that is awesome, so glad you like what I decide to share with my readers (for those wondering about the topic matter, the link explains it all). Look in your email box for accepting my email updates – I promise it won’t be too much (I know how much email I get, and I do not wish to overwhelm anyone!) Welcome to my tribe 🙂

  2. I just signed your mailing list and didn’t receive the free download of your ebook. Is that sent later?

    1. Hi Dorene! 🙂 Actually, for the Pallas-Athena Ebook, the link is provided automatically AFTER you confirm your email address. So you get a follow-up email after confirmation – check your email box and hit “confirm” and it will come. Others have told me this works already OK? (As an aside: the Flower Essences Ebook is not done yet so it will come later). THANK you for your interest and ENJOY!! Lisa

  3. I liked your presentation on Telesummit and would lik to read more about Pallas Athena. But, regardless of completing the subscription process, I did not find/receive a download link. Your assistance here is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Kylliki! Thanks for joining us. Once you confirm your email address, a follow-up email appears with the link, and it works as others have given me great feedback on the EBook! Hope that works for you! Lisa

  4. Hello, I just signed up for your newsletter and the Pallas Athena eBook, but when i go to download it, it makes me sign up to your newsletter again. Will the download link be sent later on? I love your work. Thank you!

    1. Hi Anna! Thanks for your kind words, very appreciated! Make sure you confirm your email address – THEN the next email gives you the link OK? Many others have asked and found that this link indeed does work – enjoy!!

  5. Looking forward to the flower essence book… Would love to connect with you … I am a fellow healer and empath

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