6-Step Herbal Contraception Update: Facial Reflexology!

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In my most popular blog post, My 6-Step Herbal Contraceptive/Birth Control Program, I mention toward the end of the article that I would share what I had discovered by reading pages 95-96 of this book, Marie-France Muller, MD, ND, PhD’s book, Facial Reflexology so that this information could be integrated into my program, and upon seeing how easy it is to implement, perhaps yours too!  For those of you who may have missed the notice, this wonderful book discusses a Vietnamese-based system of Facial Acupressure or Reflexology, called “Dien’ Cham.”

This particular method of non-intrusive female contraception is apparently used quite successfully by at least thousands of women in Southeast Asia.  While nothing works 100% of the time (except abstinence), it is worthy of further investigation and implementation, particularly if you are already having success using a natural birth control program.

I learned that the nose reflex zones are in close relationship with those of the uterus.  On the same token, reflex zones of the upper and lower lip also relate to the ovaries and the uterus.  When these zones are stimulated by pressing, rubbing, or tapping, it can energetically change the signals in these areas of the body in a biological, muscular and hormonal way.

Interestingly, these reflexology techniques are not just for natural female contraceptive purposes.  It seems they create other benefits which relieve vaginal dryness, dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse), frigidity, period pain, giving birth and vaginal tightness which can be the result of sexually-related trauma.

Of course, my mind now drifts to the use of Flower Essences like Rescue Remedy or other well matched essence(s) on one’s fingertips before performing this reflexology exercise to facilitate and deepen the release of such traumas – what a wonderful healing technique to implement in any case!

Shall we begin?


Step 1:   Ten minutes prior to sexual intercourse and straight after (Did you get that? Don’t forget afterward as well!):

Rub the area that surrounds the mouth from left to right (and right to left) to a count of 200.  Use your index and middle finger on (preferably) your right hand, as shown in the pictures above.  The rubbing should make the skin pink, bringing blood to the surface – but be careful not to injure yourself.


Step 2:   Then, pinch your nostrils together lightly between your thumb and forefinger 200 times, as shown.  When pinching, move the fingers up the side of your nostrils toward the bridge of the nose in a brisk, upward motion.  This “pinching-plus-upward-motion” sequence should only take 2-3 minutes to do.

These two steps should bring blood flow to the pelvic/uterine area as well as arousal/pleasure.  It is important to note that the feelings of warmth and sexual receptivity are the very way to realize this is working!  If these feelings are not present, repeat the cycle until you without a doubt notice these feelings.  Younger women may not need 200 times, where older women may need more than 200 times.  Adjust accordingly, using your feelings as a guideline.  Practice this technique especially during your fertile period, of which was discussed in my prior blog post, or research Toni Weschler MPH’s work!

Word of WARNING here:  Apparently, for some, uterine contractions can cause some discomfort, and for others quite a bit of pain.  While this is primarily how it “works” to prevent egg implantation, it is something to consider.

This is apparently an effective vaginal dryness “cure” but if herbal/nutritional help is needed, take Susun Weed’s advice and look into drinking infusions (strong tea brewed overnight) of Oatstraw herb (Avena sativa), and possibly Red Clover blossoms (Trifolium pratense).  As a side note, these infusions have other amazing benefits like radiant and clear skin!  In the interest of not over-promoting fertility, I would go easy on the Red Clover (thanks Movlin at Susun Weed’s Forum for catching my oversight!)  The reason is that Red Clover is indeed a super-fertility herb, so if the idea is contraceptive/birth-control herbal use, Red Clover ought not be used daily – and avoid it entirely during your fertility times (discussed in my prior blog post, as noted above).  Because I like to mix many of my herbs together, you could periodically add Red Clover to your blends in a smaller proportion.

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8 thoughts on “6-Step Herbal Contraception Update: Facial Reflexology!

  1. I am not sure how to use the first step.
    Are you rubbing the area, back and forth with your fingers?
    A count of 200 – as in – one way counts as 1, and back counts as 2?

    1. Hi Sam! The book is not clear on that, but it is clear that a sense of warmth in the uterine area is to happen. My idea would be to try it both ways, the conservative way first and if no warmth, then the next level could easily be added! No matter what, my original disclaimer applies on the previous blog post http://wp.me/pEY6Z-4k Thanks tons 🙂

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