New Deck – The Healing Flower Color Cards – Part 2

The Healing Flower Color Cards by Ingrid Kraaz
The Healing Flower Color Cards by Ingrid Kraaz

In Part 1, I introduced this deck and how it helped me through Walnut Flower Essence and my current life transitions (including Menopause).  Soon thereafter, I wondered how well it would work for others, and I would get my wish even before I could think about it.  My teenage daughter came home with a friend who has an interest in energy work, and asked me what was new.  I showed him the cards that are actually two decks and how they worked, and he immediately picked two cards that were colors that initially attracted him (orange and green), and then without hesitation chose the individual cards calling to him.  His choices were Pine (ruled by Mars) and Water Violet (ruled by Venus).

Water Violets - Hottonia palustris
Water Violets – Hottonia palustris

When discussing that Pine usually referred to Grief and even alleviation of Guilt, he could see that to some degree, both of those applied to his personal situation.  I also mentioned Water Violet is the one that usually appears when shyness (either real or perceived) is an issue – and he very much agreed with that one.  I happened to have a partially-used bottle of Water Violet Essence around, but no Pine on hand.  So I was attempting to find a great substitute, particularly if it is one I made myself.

In reviewing the book, The New Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies by Clare G. Harvey, I looked at the tables in the back that were sorted by description of the issues, to see if I could find something.  Under Grief, I saw Pine listed, and also Borage, which I know builds Courage and Confidence.  I then flipped to Confidence, and the first to catch my eye was of all things, Buttercup – one of the ones I made.  Confidence also matched astrologically, since he is a Libra with a Capricorn Moon, so then it was time to grab my pendulum and dowse if Buttercup was the right essence.  Indeed, not only was it right-on, the pendulum read better for Buttercup than it did for Pine!  So the cards, in a roundabout way helped me to find what DID work, since Dr. Bach never made Buttercup!  Perfect!  I do not know the planetary ruler, but I would think it would be the Sun.

Buttercups - Ranunculus acris
Buttercups – Ranunculus acris

In any event, I still felt that the color choices he chose were correct, so I shared with him the healing sayings for meditation, as well as the healing colors and how they work.

To enhance this process, I also dug out another favorite book, Floral Acupuncture by Deborah Craydon, CFEP and Warren Bellows, Lic.Ac. which additionally chooses acupuncture (or accupressure if you so choose) Meridian Points in which to apply the Essence itself to receive even more healing, and more quickly.  Both Pine and Water Violet emphasized Lung Meridian points, which even tells us more that he needed to more fully embrace his being, and breathing deeply is one of the best ways to do this.  I mixed his dosage bottle of essence, and he is working with the colors, meditations and even the Lung Meridian points.  The colors were Pink and White for Spiritual Healing, Turquoise Blue and Light Grass Green for Mental Healing, and Pink and Emerald Green for Physical Healing.  He recently told me that he feels much better, more confident, and liking the direction his life is currently going.  He feels better about his future than he did prior to taking these Essences – Success so far!

Now of course this whole process was witnessed by my daughter, a busy Taurus with Capricorn Moon.  She was intrigued, and wanted her own personalized Flower Essence Blend and Program.  When the first deck was showing, she chose the Turquoise Blue and Green, and after some figuring – she ultimately chose Olive, ruled by the Sun (according to Scott Cunningham) and Vervain, ruled by Venus.  Olive completely made sense to both of us immediately, because her school, work and extra-curricular activity schedule this year is rather insane.

Olive - Olea Europaea
Olive – Olea Europaea

Olive Flower Essence is helpful for those who are suffering exhaustion through overwork, and with use brings about a sense of vitality, calm and well-being, as well as much-needed energy.  Funny enough, I happen to have needed Olive in the past myself, so I had Olive on hand.  I did not have Vervain, and felt that maybe again, the research through the New Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies may reveal a more appropriate essence choice.

Vervain research speaks of over-assertiveness, i.e. a hard-driving person who pushes their will upon others and can be unrelenting and adamant.  The hard-driving made sense to us, but inflicting her will on others did not make sense.  I just so happened to find Vervain listed as an essence that is helpful for Tension, and in the same category – there was Dandelion – of COURSE!  Muscular Tension.  She has had a lot of that, especially in her shoulders (representing responsibility and burdens).  Again, Bach did not create a Dandelion essence – so it appears the cards help discover the alternate essence(s) if that is what is to be used.  And, of course, the Jupiter-ruled Dandelion was the very first essence I made.  I had been using that and already familiar with how it works, and could tell THIS was the choice, along with Olive, that would help her.  I then got a “hit” to add the Venus-ruled Self-Heal to her blend.  The pendulum was confirming – so I grabbed the Olive I had left over, placed some Dandelion and Self-Heal in it, and created her dosage bottle.  Her meditation colors were Gold and White for both Spiritual and Mental healing, and Turquoise and Emerald Green for Physical healing.  As a side note, Turquoise is an excellent Immune System Builder since the Thymus Gland is located between the Heart (Green Chakra) and the Throat (Blue Chakra).

More clarification came when exploring the Floral Acupuncture book for the applicable Meridian Points: the Olive points were Bladder points (relating to the Kidney/Bladder system, which Venus rules, and she is a Taurus).  Even more interesting, they were centered in the exact areas she was experiencing muscle pain, between her shoulder blades!  Upon reviewing the Vervain points, we came to the conclusion these didn’t really apply, and the reason is that she technically didn’t need anything for inflicting her will on others, which is a dis-trust of the Universe.  This was not her issue.  She, too, is experiencing a level of success, though not as dramatic since it resides more in the physical plane, rather than the emotional plane, and that can take more time to correct.

Not all readings are led away from the Bach Essences of course.  Today, another young man chose a Dark Blue one, and then felt compelled to also choose one of his favorite color, Yellow.  The first choice, very appropriate for his current situation of pulling away from people who are enmeshed in negative patterns, was what I call the “Just Say No” Essence – Centaury, ruled by the Sun.

Centaury - Centaurium erythraea
Centaury – Centaurium erythraea

Although the Centaury card says “exaggerated kind-heartedness” – I have found that this essence is the one to choose when you have trouble saying “no” to people.  I used to have this problem years ago myself.  I felt I had to justify why I couldn’t do something for someone.  Truthfully, it was great news to me to learn that you indeed do not need to justify or explain your reasons of needed (or wanted) refusal to anyone.  It is enough to realize for yourself that you do not have the resources to offer assistance when asked.

Wild Rose - Rosa canina
Wild Rose – Rosa canina

The second card he chose was the Venus-ruled Wild Rose. I am familiar with using Rose Oil in Aromatherapy for opening the Heart Chakra and allowing love, and the Flower Essence is definitely along those lines.  It speaks of a person who isn’t fully engaged in the present, and who is not interested in experiencing life’s gifts now – “uncomplaining apathy.”  This describes his current situation very well.  He can hardly wait for graduation and to get on with his life – and doing his best to not live in the future and to live in the present.  This essence will definitely help him live fully now while he prepares for his future.  His meditation colors related to the Crown and Heart Chakras:  Gold and White for Spiritual Healing, Gold and Purple for Mental Healing, and Pink and Emerald Green for Physical Healing.

We decided to look up the Meridian Points for him as well.  The Centaury Essence, being a bitter, is assigned to the Stomach/Spleen Meridian joining point on the lower leg, which integrates a “digestion” of experience, and is related to Earth energy.  I can see this as helping to being grounded and standing up for yourself.  The assigned points for Wild Rose Essence were aligned with the Governing Vessel, which oversees all the other systems – and indeed we can see how opening up to life’s experiences can be related to this.  Not coincidentally, these points are on the back, right where the Heart Chakra would be located.  The fact the points are located in the back, rather than the front/chest area, tells me it is for helping to release something from the past that may have been the cause of that person not wishing to live in the present in the first place.  He will be getting his essences and reporting to me in the near future as to his progress.

Thank you for following along in my journey featuring my learning and implementation of these cards.  I believe they have already demonstrated their usefulness as a healing tool to me.  I look forward to more use – and education!


8 thoughts on “New Deck – The Healing Flower Color Cards – Part 2

  1. Greetings Lisa! Very interesting article. I love it =) I am grateful for you sharing your wealth of knowledge. Thank you very much you are an inspiration to me and I continue to push myself in the direction of self healing.

  2. Thanks tons for your comment Julie, I am SO glad my blog posts are helping you with your healing, as well as integrating spirit with material, it means much to me and is in fact why I started this blog! 🙂

  3. Hello!
    It was really blooming energy of the Flowers /herbs with a lot of research done on Saturn in exaltation in Libra the House of Venus.Looking Forward to more research on it and am overwhelmed by your energy & charisma . iwould like to associate, contribute in this field as i am myself deeply involved with astrology.
    prabhakar mishra

    1. Thank you for your kind note Prabhakar! If you wish to look into the deeper relationships between Astrology and Flower Essence Healing, please visit Vibrations Magazine or Donna Cunningham at – I see you are in India, so if you practice Vedic Astrology, it would be indeed interesting to see this particular viewpoint, since the only remedies I am familiar with in Vedic practice are gemstones (a great one), mudras, mantras, and rituals.

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